confined space checklist

Confined Space Checklists

Statistics shows that an average of 90 people die each year while working in confined spaces in the United States alone. Most of these incidents are caused by asphyxiation or oxygen deficiency due to the presence of deadly gases while performing certain jobs. Pre-entry inspections help ensure that safety procedures are followed and that workers are issued permits before accessing the confined space.This covers atmosphere testing and monitoring, adequate ventilation and PPE usage. Employers are responsible for educating and reinforcing their workers about safety rules.

iAuditor is world’s most powerful inspection app which allows you to generate real time reports on your mobile while on-site. Evaluate a confined space and capture hazards for immediate resolution. We’ve collated these free confined spaces checklists. Download them now.

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Confined Space Pre-Entry Inspection

Use this checklist before commencing welding tasks. Start by taking a photo of the work area and check if the operator has undergone proper training, understands instructions, and wears appropriate PPE. Next, evaluate if equipment is in good working condition and the working area is ventilated and free from flammables and obstructions. Inspect if procedures were followed during and after work. End the report by by providing recommendations and an overall safety rating.

OSHA Confined Space Entry Procedure Checklist

This is a standard OSHA confined space safety checklist converted to iAuditor. The primary goal of this inspection is to check if safety regulations are followed by workers before, during and after work. Use iAuditor to capture significant data while inspecting the area, equipment and people involved. Share your audits with your supervisors and safety managers while on site.

Accident Injury Checklist

Oftentimes, accidents and injuries are traumatic events people want to forget. However, keeping accident records updated is essential as it serves as a basis for improving safety when working in confined spaces. These logs can be used to document information of the injured person, injury details and the root cause of the accident. Emergency services and witness statements are also recorded for more detailed reporting.

PPE Checklist

Safety harnesses, lifelines and breathing apparatuses are life savers when working in confined spaces. Use this PPE checklist to determine if the required safety clothing and equipment pass quality standards. Use iAuditor to ensure that these protective equipment help workers perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

Working in Confined Spaces

confined space safety tips

General safety tips when working in confined spaces:

  • Area must be free from hazards - Before entering a confined space, ensure that it has a permit prior to entry and the area is free from harmful materials and substances.
  • Test the atmosphere - A trained worker must conduct series of atmosphere tests (Oxygen, hydrogen and explosive gas tests) which need to be recorded or included on the work permit.
  • Ventilate - Never use the ventilator as a vacuum to draw the air outside. Make sure your fan is safe and grounded. Also, test the atmosphere as much as possible. If the atmosphere is within limits, it is recommended to ventilate again.
  • Watch one another - When someone is working on a confined space, always ensure to have workaround watch who can call rescue teams for emergencies or is capable and equipped to conduct a rescue.
  • Use PPE - Use harness, lifeline or continuous gas monitoring device. Also, use a self contained breathing apparatus if needed.

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