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Confined Space Risk Assessment Templates

Confined space risk assessments are systematic processes to ensure proper safety and evacuation procedures and permits are followed when working in confined spaces. Confined space risk assessment templates and safety checklist are used to check and record atmosphere testing, adequate ventilation, PPE usage, staff signatures and permit documentation. Discover helpful confined space safety tips and how iAuditor can streamline your safety inspection process. We’ve collated these best practice confined space checklist templates from OSHA and other notable sources converted into mobile inspection app iAuditor.

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1. Confined Space Risk Assessment Template

Use this confined space risk assessment template to identify hazards that are existing or likely to be present when working in confined spaces. Use this template to initially classify a confined space based on OSHA’s description. Once verified, proceed with assessing the risks associated with the access area, atmosphere, electrical equipment used and PPE. Describe emergency processes to be taken during worst case scenarios. Complete the inspection by listing the people involved in the process. Get them to sign using iAuditor's electronic signature feature.

2. Confined Space Pre-Entry Inspection Template

Use this checklist before entering a confined space. Start by filling out general information about the confined space, its type, how often it is used and the work to be performed inside. List down names of the people involved in the work and classify if it is permit-required or not. Next check if the area is free from hazards and ensure that the atmosphere is tested carefully. Evaluate if the workers are competent and trained to perform the job and if proper protective equipment (safety harness and lifelines) is worn properly. Lastly, ensure that permits are posted in the entrance of the confined space and show the names of the persons qualified to perform the job. Complete the audit by citing any safety recommendations.

3. OSHA Confined Space Entry Procedure Template

This is a standard OSHA confined space safety checklist converted to iAuditor. The primary goal of this inspection is to check if safety regulations are followed by workers before, during and after work. Use iAuditor to capture significant data while inspecting the area, equipment and people involved. Share your audits with your supervisors and safety managers while on site.

4. Confined Space Supervisory Responsibilities Checklist

Entry supervisors and duty managers are responsible for evaluating the overall safety of a confined space before getting all workers access it. This checklist can be used as a guide to make sure that important safety measures are strictly implemented. Use iAuditor’s Analytics feature to track improvement on compliance and safety.

5. Accident Injury Checklist

Oftentimes, accidents and injuries are traumatic events people want to forget. However, keeping accident records updated is essential as it serves as a basis for improving safety when working in confined spaces. These logs can be used to document information of the injured person, injury details and the root cause of the accident. Emergency services and witness statements are also recorded for more detailed reporting.

6. PPE Checklist

Safety harnesses, lifelines and breathing apparatuses are life savers when working in confined spaces. Use this PPE checklist to determine if the required safety clothing and equipment pass quality standards. Use iAuditor to ensure that these protective equipment help workers perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

7. Confined Space Permit to Work Template

Use this confined space permit to work template before commencement of work in confined spaces. Document the agreed upon mode of communication and rescue procedures to determine emergency preparedness. Identify if safety equipment, ventillation and signage is in order. Have relevant supervisors sign off to acknowledge communication processes and safety hazards. Browse more permit to work templates here

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