Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Manual Handling Risk Assessments can help health and safety inspectors evaluate the risk factors of lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying, and handling materials by employees during work operations.

Performing manual handling risk assessments using iAuditor the worlds #1 digital inspection app can help evaluate the execution of proper manual handling techniques and identify the risks to avoid accidents and musculoskeletal injuries.

Get started by downloading this free collection of customizable manual handling risk assessment templates and modify them according to your business needs.

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1. Manual Handling Risk Assessment

You can use this Manual Handling Risk Assessment Template to help identify hazards that may cause musculoskeletal injuries to workers when they perform manual handling. Evaluate the load capacity of an item and identify the risks while carrying or lifting loads. Use iAuditor to capture photo hazards and annotate them to highlight the issues encountered. Assign corrective actions to the authorized person or team to review and implement remedial actions.

2. Manual Handling Risk Assessment Template

This Manual Handling Risk Assessment Template can be used by managers or shift supervisors to help identify the risk for all workers who perform manual handling, lifting, and carrying of loads. This template includes observation tips to assist the supervisor when inspecting workers performing manual tasks. Use the color coded risk rating reference to rate the overall risk level of the manual handling activity. Perform observations with iAuditor to assess the position of the operative’s hands at the start of the lift and as the lift progresses. Check the route, distance, and other environmental factors to help identify the manual handling risks. Use iAuditor to generate comprehensive web reports even while on site.

3. Manual Handling Risk Assessment Template - Team Operations

This Team Operations - Manual Handling Risk Assessment Template can be used to evaluate the risks of manual handling practices performed during team operations. Observe the number of workers performing the task and if the weight of the load is properly distributed to each team member. Use iAuditor to capture photo references and generate reports even if you’re offline.

4. Manual Handling Assessment

You can use this Manual Handling Assessment to assess the general safety of all employees before commencing work. This checklist can help evaluate if the workers are knowledgeable, trained, and practices safe lifting techniques. This Manual Handling Assessment also checks if load materials are labeled with their weight and are easy to grasp and carry. Use iAuditor to conduct digital assessments and generate comprehensive reports anytime anywhere.

5. Ergonomics Assessment Templates

Browse this collection of free Ergonomic Assessment Templates converted using iAuditor to ensure that the workers and their working environments are maximized for comfort and with the minimal risk of injury. These ergonomic checklists can help assess if your workplace complies with ergonomic safety. You can depend on the iAuditor app for your assessments even if your mobile devices are offline.

6. HSE Risk Assessment Checklist

You can perform your HSE Risk Assessments using this template to help manage the health and safety hazards at your workplace. This checklist covers: identifying observed potential/existing hazards and assessing the risk level and providing control measures. Use iAuditor’s Analytics to monitor and review planned control measures and identify the frequently high-risk items to better manage the risks in the workplace.

Analytics provides insightful dashboards and detailed reports on your business operations so that you can make data-driven decisions.

iAuditor gives you the flexibility to power any inspection you require - onsite, underground, and across the globe. Inspect construction sites, restaurants inspections for food safety, conduct temperature checks, pre-flight checks, toolbox talks and more. It is the mobile forms inspection solution for all industries.

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