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Free Ergonomic Checklists

Ergonomic assessments are designed to ensure workers and their environments are maximized for comfort with minimal risk of injury. An ergonomic checklist is an effective way to assess your workstations and how your workers interact with the whole workplace environment. Regular self-assessments and ergonomic training can also help improve workplace productivity. Learn how to improve ergonomics in the workplace.

Get started by downloading these ergonomic checklists from iAuditor ranging from OSHA workstation setup to whole of workplace ergonomic environment assessments. Download and modify these free checklists to perform inspections on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device.

Ergonomic Safety Checklist

Training on ergonomics in the workplace help reduce work-related injuries and illnesses. Use this template to evaluate if your workplace complies with ergonomic safety. Begin inspection with the description of work to be performed and capture photo/s of the workplace. Assess physical ergonomic aspects such as individual workloads, workers’ posture, and repetitive movements. Check workstations and walking surfaces if setup properly and unobstructed. Inspect materials, tools, and equipment if properly labeled, well balanced, and readily available. Complete the inspection with recommendations and overall assessment of the workplace.

OSHA Ergonomic Assessment Checklist

Common symptoms of ergonomic stress are body pains, tingling or numbness of the hands or fingers, loss of coordination, and discomfort when making certain movements. This OSHA ergonomic assessment checklist evaluates employees’ working routine. Use iAuditor to gauge risk factors that affect the performance of each employee and provide an overall assessment of the risk level. Also, solutions were recommended to prevent aggravation of symptoms when encountered.

OSHA Ergonomic Computer Workstation Checklist

Sitting in awkward positions, repetitive movements, and unadjusted workstation are factors to consider when working with a computer. This regulatory ergonomic checklist can be used to evaluate proper postures, comfortable seating, and proper positioning of computer devices. Use iAuditor to record data and capture photos when conducting an inspection and generate a real-time report on site.

Workstation Ergonomic Evaluation checklist

This workstation ergonomic evaluation checklist can be used to assess workstation setup and worker posture. This checklist includes a best practice reference image to ensure the correct workstation adjustment and efficient working posture. Use iAuditor to capture photos of areas for improvement in the workplace. Browse our other top office safety checklists.

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