Fall Risk Assessment Tools

Fall risk assessment tools are used by nursing staff to evaluate the likelihood of falling for elderly patients. Falls are the leading cause of injury and accidental death for people aged 65 years and over. A fall risk assessment form is typically used to capture a patient’s fall history, medical records, equipment used and is then used to assign an overall fall risk rating. Fall risk ratings can help prioritize fall prevention measures for elderly patients.

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful cloud inspection platform. It can be used to perform paperless fall risk assessments and automatically save all patient records in the cloud. Easily view all patient fall risk ratings online. We have collated 4 of the best fall risk assessment templates you can get started with and customize.

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1. Morse Fall Risk Assessment

This Morse Fall Risk Assessment Tool derived from the Morse Fall Scale (MFS) was converted using iAuditor and is used to help assess a patient’s likelihood of falling. Perform this Morse Fall Risk Assessment by answering 6 essential questions. This template includes a risk rating table which will help you assign a fall risk rating (High, Medium, Low) based on the responses to the 6 essential questions.

2. General Patient Fall Risk Assessment Template

This fall risk assessment template is used to evaluate a patient’s probability of falling. It includes fields to record a patient’s fall history, current medication, and medical test results (vision, peripheral sensation, and mobility). Record the patient’s fall risk rating (Low, Medium, High) depending on the number of accumulated risk factors.

3. Environmental Fall Assessment

An accidental fall may not only be caused by a patient’s medical condition but also by an environmental hazard. This Environmental Fall Assessment tool can be used to evaluate the facilities, equipment, and safety of an aged care center or hospital. Use iAuditor to perform environmental fall assessment using mobile devices to thoroughly inspect and maintain cleanliness and orderliness to keep your patients’ safe from environmental fall hazards.

4. Fall Incident Report

This Fall Incident Report template can be used to document the critical information, person(s) involved in the incident, injuries, near misses, and cause of the fall. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence of the incident. Generate a detailed fall incident report and affix it with a digital signature.

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