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Ensuring the highest possible level of safety and security is paramount to any organization. To do this, it’s important to involve everyone from all levels of the organization. With iAuditor, the world’s leading mobile risk assessment app, firms from every industry can rely on a powerful digital platform to revamp their risk assessment program and engage people better in conducting risk assessments.

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Promote better staff engagement with interactive, user-friendly risk assessment app checklists

Through iAuditor’s drag-and-drop template builder, you can convert existing paper forms to digital and roll-out a risk assessment app that can help make inspections more interactive. With this, you can gain deeper insight into your assessment processes as more of your staff can immediately report safety issues at the point of risk.

Standardize risk assessment audits at every location

The process of getting risk assessment audits into multiple hands for review and completion takes a lot of time. Staff at different locations may be using outdated paper checklists, which make standardization across your company highly challenging. With a digital solution like iAuditor, you can easily update checklists with new standards and instantly distribute them to your staff—all within a few taps.

Enhance operational insights with powerful analytics

Data gathered from individual risk assessments are pushed and organized to iAuditor’s web analytics platform to give you a quick overview of your safety-critical areas. Use this powerful feature to categorize data by time, date, region, department, and more so you can make immediate decisions when it matters most.

iAuditor Risk Assessment App Features

Build an automated workflow for risk assessments

No need to manually schedule risk assessments and collate documents for final reports. With iAuditor, companies can save time and effort by automating scheduling of tasks, issuing corrective actions, and sending reports.

Inspect offline

Perform inspections on any Apple and Android mobile device even while offline. Data will auto-sync once connected to the internet. Save yourself from the hassle of compiling your inspection data into a final report.

Instantly generate reports when you complete an inspection

With iAuditor, a digital report can be downloaded immediately after you complete an inspection. Inspection reports can also be generated in different formats including PDF, Word, CSV, and XML.

Add logic to risk assessment checklists

There's no need for your staff to go through non-applicable, complex form fields when doing inspections. iAuditor can help companies make their digital checklists smarter, helping the staff focus more on what's important.

Integrate your risk assessment app with business software systems

Integrate iAuditor with other Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Sheets to visualize your data and further refine your workflow if needed.

World-class customer service

We’re here to help! We provide high-level 24/5 support for any questions and concerns regarding iAuditor.

Car maintenance inspectors can use this checklist to identify defects, damages, and mechanical issues that need to be addressed to achieve and maintain optimal road performance.

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Identify which construction activities are at risk for your particular job and assess the severity, likelihood, and risk rating. Modify the template to include additional at-risk activities..

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Identify office work activity that appears at risk and observe all probable hazards. List people most at harm (e.g. staff, customers, visitors).

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This template can be used by skilled trade workers to evaluate the condition of a building, its assets and its systems needed to perform its intended function.

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Use this checklist to assess the structural integrity, fire safety, and electrical safety of a residential or educational building.

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This is used to document and communicate work requests, and authorize field technicians to perform the work.

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Used for more than 50+ million inspections in over 80 countries.

From hotels and airports, to construction sites and supermarkets, iAuditor helps businesses get results.

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