Top 3 Legionella Risk Assessment Forms

UK Health and Safety Legislation requires employers and those responsible for the control of premises to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments to ensure a safe and disease-free workplace or residential accommodation for occupants. Legionella Risk Assessment Forms are essential tools for performing thorough inspections of domestic premises, especially in water systems, to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria in water which can cause serious harm or fatality from Legionnaires' disease or Pontiac fever.

We feature three of the most efficient Legionella Risk Assessment Forms converted using iAuditor to help you conduct effective Legionella risk assessments. Turn your paper forms into digitized templates and record significant data with the convenience of using your mobile device, iPad, or tablet. Capture photo evidence of hazards detected such as untidy cooling towers, damaged water storage tanks, and unmaintained water temperatures.

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1. Legionella Risk Assessment Form

This general Legionella Risk Assessment Form can be used by the Legionella responsible person to assess the premises. Record cold and hot water temperatures and check if maintained properly. Evaluate if air conditioning and water systems are clean and disinfected. You may not need take any further action at this stage but you can use the gathered data to review the assessment regularly in case anything changes in your system. Maximize iAuditor’s features by capturing photos of risks present in the workplace. Annotate photos to emphasize underlying factors and report risks to safety managers and officials. Use iAuditor’s Temperature field to enter the current temperature readings. Generate reports while on-site for better reporting process.

2. Legionella Risk Assessment for Landlords

Landlords should conduct legionella risk assessments to prevent occupants from acquiring Legionnaires’ disease from contaminated water. Landlords can use this Legionella Risk Assessment template to record water heating and storage equipment (boiler, hot water cylinder, cold water storage tank) installed and check each work condition and temperature. Assess if occupants or tenants were given information about the control of Legionella. Lastly, detail other risks identified. Validate the audit by providing a digital signature.

3. Health and Safety Risk Assessment Checklist

Performing a general site risk assessment can help businesses identify hazards before things go wrong. This Health and Safety Risk Assessment Checklist can be used by managers and safety officials to identify potential and existing hazards, evaluate each hazard’s risk level, and provide preventive control measures. Monitor and review planned control measures and advise if further measures are required. Lastly, provide overall recommendations to avoid and manage risk hazards. Capture photos of commonly ignored hazards and assign actions to notify your managers of immediate risks.

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