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What is a Plant Risk Assessment Template?

A plant risk assessment template is used to identify risks in a plant and determine appropriate control measures. Inspectors and occupational health and safety officers mitigate plant risks by determining hazards, likelihood of incidents, severity of injury and damage to property at the onset. Aside from keeping workers safe, plants are required to comply with occupational health and safety legislation, and regular plant risk assessments help in maintaining safety standards within the facility.

Common Plant Workplace Hazards

While it is important to proactively perform scheduled pump inspections and keep pumps in good working condition to maintain uninterrupted operation, it is vital to first ensure that the inspectors are safe. Here are the vital items to check during a plant risk assessment and the common questions inspectors ask.

Work environment

  • Is the ventilation poor?
  • Are there confined spaces where workers cannot move properly?
  • How is the lighting in the plant?
  • Are workers exposed to constant loud noise?
  • Is the floor clean and dry?
  • Are ladders secure and do elevated spaces have guardrails?
  • Is the workplace ergonomically designed? Are workers exposed to extreme temperatures?

Equipment, tools, and substances

  • Is there appropriate machine guarding?
  • Are chemicals labeled correctly, in their recommended containers, and properly stored?
  • Are all tools in the working area in good working condition?

Performance of tasks

  • Do workers have prolonged exposure to vibration?
  • Is everybody wearing proper PPE?
  • Is Lockout Tagout being followed?
  • Are workers trained not only in the execution of tasks but also in safe working practices?

Optimize Inspections with a Plant Inspection Software

A plant inspection software is a digital tool used by plant inspectors when performing safety checks and risk assessments in fixed industrial facilities such as power plants, chemical plants, and factories.

The purpose of a plant inspection is to identify risk hazards that may result in worker injury and/or fatality, as well as prevent unexpected downtimes that may result in the interruption of operations.

With SafetyCulture as your plant inspection software, you can make safety inspections more efficient while automating reporting, and documentation. Perform different plant inspections with the help of a highly customizable mobile platform, and get a comprehensive look at your plant’s performance so you can make necessary adjustments to improve safety and quality.

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