Top 4 Electrical Inspection Checklists

Paperless mobile inspections. Capture photos of electrical safety hazards and equipment damage.

What is a Digital Electrical Inspection Checklist?

A digital electrical inspection checklist is an essential tool to determine if your workers and worksite adhere to electrical compliance safety rules. Electrical equipment should undergo quality and safety checks before operating. Inadequate checks and poor training can lead to electric shock and death.

An electrical safety checklist is often accompanied by a site-walkthrough to identify and report on common electrical hazards. The report then provides an overall electrical safety assessment of the worksite, training and equipment being used and general recommendations on what to improve.

A mobile inspection app such as iAuditor can digitize your electrical safety forms and enable you to conduct inspections faster on your hand-held device, generate reports instantly and save all data securely online. Preview a sample electrical safety report generated using the iAuditor mobile app.

We have created 4 electrical safety checklists you can download and customize for free and conduct paperless mobile inspections using the iAuditor mobile app.


iAuditor Customer Story

See how the leading solar electricity contractor, E Light Electric, uses iAuditor for safety inspections and quality assurance.

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