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An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is used by a qualified electrician to document electrical testing results to ensure that electrical installation is safe until the next inspection. The report captures detailed information on electrical wear and tear such as faulty wiring or damaged equipment, which can cause electrocutions, fires, and fatalities.

Once an electrical inspection is completed, the EICR is issued to the building owner or supervisor with key findings, including equipment needing repair or replacement. An EICR also serves as a record for when the next inspection should be carried out.

iAuditor can be used as your digital EICR tool. Complete your inspections on-site using your mobile device and take photo evidence of damaged electrical equipment. Generate EICR reports instantly and send them to your customers before leaving the site. We have prepared 3 electrical installation condition report templates you can download for free and use with iAuditor.

3 Featured Digital Electrical Installation Condition Report

1. Electrical Installation Condition Report

This Electrical Installation Condition Report can be used by a trained professional or authorized electrician when conducting an electrical installation inspection. Start by providing details of the inspection such as purpose of report, date of last inspection, installation records, description of the premise and age of the installation. Next cite some operational limitations which are to be discovered during the inspection. Also write reasons and justifications to explain why they are impacting the task. Attach photo evidence of any damage or defects observed. Lastly, provide a summary of the installation condition and rate whether it is Safe or At Risk. Affix a digital signature to validate the audit.

2. Comprehensive Electrical Condition Report

This detailed electrical condition report template contains 39 essential questions for a thorough electrical installation inspection such as checking of cables, wiring system, conductors, circuits, insulation live parts, etc. Use iAuditor to capture photo defects of equipment through multimedia tools and assign actions to authorized personnel for repair or replacement.

3. Electrical Inspection Checklists

Browse this collection of electrical inspection checklists to learn how to identify and control common electrical hazards in the workplace. Evaluate site and worker compliance to electrical safety rules. Conduct electrical equipment checks to assess quality and and working condition before operating. In addition, you may also conduct a lock out tag out procedures before any service maintenance and installation work.

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