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Lock Out and Tag Out (LOTO) Checklists

Millions of machine operators and workers are at risk each day of serious harm from unisolated energy sources. Control of hazardous energy via lock out tag out (LOTO) procedures is one of the top 5 most cited OSHA standards violations. Following LOTO standards can help ensure that all dangerous machinery and equipment is properly shut off, locked out and tagged before performing maintenance checks. OSHA estimates that complying with LOTO standards helps prevent 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year.

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Lockout Tagout Checklist

Use this checklist before servicing industrial equipment. Record the nature of work, hazardous energy sources and the employees involved in the procedure. Do a site walkthrough to ensure that the area is cleared from unnecessary tools and check if employees are trained and notified about the procedure. Next check the quality and efficiency of LOTO devices being used. Evaluate if the step-by-step procedure was followed when applying and removing LOTO devices. Lastly, rate the overall LOTO process and provide recommendations.

OSHA Lockout Tagout Checklist

This is an online version of the standard OSHA lockout tagout checklist. This inspection aims to evaluate if LOTO procedures are followed by employees before commencing with the maintenance checks. With the use of iAuditor, you can capture photo evidence of non compliance with the safety regulations while the lockout procedure is going on. Notify safety managers if problems occur during the inspection for immediate actions and resolution.

Lockout Tagout Toolbox Talk Checklist

Use this toolbox talk meeting record before performing the lockout/tagout procedure and servicing equipment. Gather and collaborate with the team to discuss issues that need to be solved before problems occur during operations. Document what was tackled during the LOTO toolbox talk and have all participating members sign off on the iAuditor app.

Accident Injury Checklist

Most workplace incidents and injuries go unreported, making it difficult to identify root causes and prevent future accidents from occurring. Keeping accident logs can help determine if safety measures are strictly followed in the workplace. Use this template to document accidents caused by unisolated energy source and non adherence to LOTO procedures. Record information of the injured person, injury details and the contributing factors to the accident. You may also document emergency services involved, hospitalization information and witness statements. Use iAuditor to compile accident records for safety planning.

How to Safely Apply and Remove LOTO Devices?

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Application of LOTO Device

  1. Check all sources of power before shutting down.
  2. Notify all effective workers that the LOTO procedure will start.
  3. Turn off the equipment by following its proper shutdown procedure.
  4. Isolate the equipment by turning off the energy at the main power source.
  5. Lock and tag each energy isolating device. If two or more persons are using the device, then all of them should put a lock to the equipment.
  6. Release any stored energy like draining valves, releasing hydraulic pressure, blocking moving parts, etc.
  7. Verify if the power is shut off by trying to restart the machine. Return the machine’s switch to the off position once verified.

Removal of LOTO Device

  1. Remove all tools and replace machine guards.
  2. Check if all employees have cleared off the machine.
  3. Remove the LOTO devices. Each person must remove its own lock and tag.
  4. Notify all affected workers that LOTO devices have been removed.
  5. Restore the energy.

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