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Top 5 Radiation Protection Checklists

Radiation protection checklists are tools used to confirm regulatory compliance, inspect equipment and identify hazards from radiation overexposure. Regular radiation self-inspections should be conducted when working with radiation equipment or handling radioactive material. We’ve compiled this collection of free radiation safety protection checklists you can download and modify for your lab, hospital or workplace. You can also read about our 10 rules to remember when working with radiation.

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Radiation Protection Safety Checklist

This radiation protection checklist is for checking compliance of safety measures in the workplace. Start by inspecting the availability and the visibility of radiation warnings. Conduct a contamination survey on the area and check if proper protective equipment are worn by the workers. Inspect if electrical devices are in good working condition and are marked with proper caution. Evaluate if operating and emergency procedures are posted for radiation-producing devices to ensure that equipment has undergone device tests. Complete the inspection by providing recommendations and safety reminders.

Laboratory Radiation Safety Checklist

Conduct an audit to ensure safety when working with radioactive devices in the laboratory. Begin by detailing the building and room information and the radionuclides used for the activity. Check if the storage rooms and waste containers are adequate as well as the disposal practices for radioactive materials. Evaluate if laboratory safety measures are followed including personnel protection and monitoring for all workers. Lastly, training and survey records must be updated to ensure that all workers are competent and permitted to work during risky conditions. Browse our other free lab safety checklists.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Checklist

X-rays, gamma rays, and beta particles are types of radiation used in the medical field yet they can also cause severe tissue damage when protective equipment is not used during exposure. Use this template to ensure that your workers are protected from any dangers of radiation. Select the appropriate PPE and check if their quality passes radiation safety standards. Use iAuditor to capture photo defects and notify persons in-charge for immediate repair or replacement of these PPE.

Basic Risk Assessment Checklist

Hazards can either be reduced, eliminated, or remain uncontrolled. Use this template to identify radiation hazards before commencing work. Record potential risks detected, capture photos and annotate them for better reporting. List controls and assign corrective actions to safety managers and officials during observation. Use iAuditor to perform better risk assessments and improve processes and workflows. Check out this collection of different risk assessment templates available.

Lab Incident Report Form

Use this template to report any incidents in the lab including radiation exposure, equipment damage or any injuries. Begin with information of the lab and building details, persons involved and exact details of the incident. iAuditor allows you to capture photo evidence of the injury and equipment damage, giving you more time to record and identify the root cause of the incident rather than wasting time on paperwork

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