Safety Inspection Software

Safety Inspection Software makes it easy to conduct field inspections, using a phone or mobile device

  • Improve safety compliance – by making safety inspections quick and easy
  • Share PDF and web reports – customisable with your company logo and colours
  • Access your data and checklists from anywhere – phone, tablet, and desktop

Build a checklist, or download one for free from our library of over 50,000 templates

Using the easy to use drag and drop template builder, you can create your own checklist templates. Once you’ve created a template you can share it with your team and reuse it each time you need to complete a safety inspection.

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Generate and share reports

Using Safety Inspection software you can streamline your inspection process, and automatically generate reports detailing each inspection.

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Case Study

E Light Electric

E Light has field workers who can take snapshots of what’s really happening at each site. For supervisors who aren’t out in the trenches every single day, it gives them the opportunity to make decisions and have important conversations before they become an issue. This dedication to safety and efficiency has led to 5 million man hours without a lost time incident.


Suggested templates and checklists

Need some inspiration? Below are the highest rated, and most downloaded safety inspection checklists from our template library.