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First Aid Kit Checklist

First aid may be given as initial treatment to a person who suffers from injury. Adequate first aid supplies need to be readily available in the absence of immediate access to an infirmary, clinic, or hospital. First aid kits should be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure contents are adequately supplied and within their use-by dates. The inspection frequency will vary depending on how often supplies are used in the workplace. It is encouraged that kits used in the office or worksite be inspected monthly while home and vehicle kits can be checked annually.

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful inspection software and mobile app. Use iAuditor to conduct your regular first aid kit inspections and keep a log of items that need replacing. iAuditor’s powerful scheduling feature can help remind you when to conduct your first aid kit content checks. Get started by downloading these free first aid checklists using iAuditor.

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First Aid Kit Checklist

Use this checklist to check the contents of your first aid kits. Class A first aid kits cover aids for common injuries like minor cuts, abrasions and sprains. Class B first aid kits are for a broader range of injuries and deal with more complex or high-risk environments. Begin with selecting the type of first aid kit to inspect. List down the number of employees, description of work and take a photo of your kit. Next, carefully check sufficiency and expiration dates of the contents. Then, capture photos of defective items and expired solutions. Use iAuditor’s powerful analytics feature to view a historical log of all inspections performed for your first aid kits. Use the scheduling feature to make sure you never miss another first aid kit check again.

Accident Injury Report Template

Use this template to record accidents and hazards in the workplace. Documenting injuries will help you decide what common first aid contents are necessary and appropriate for your workplace. Start by documenting details of the injured person, injury, contributing factors and recommendations. You may also include statements from emergency services, hospital and witnesses. Use iAuditor to take photo evidence of the injury and track the accident location.

First Aid Kits in the Workplace

first aid kit contents

Regular inspections of first aid kits should be done to ensure they are accessible and supplied when accidents occur. You should follow these steps when maintaining first aid kits in the workplace:

  1. Place your first aid kits at a suitable location which is visible and accessible to employees
  2. Assign a trained first aid representative to each area
  3. First aid kits should be free from damages. Replace immediately if the unit is falling apart
  4. Conduct regular inspections to check sufficiency of first aid kit contents
  5. Remove and replenish damaged and expired items
  6. Include a first aid guide inside your kit
  7. Be familiar with how each item should be used

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