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Workplace Housekeeping Checklists

Digital housekeeping checklists are used to help ensure an organized, hygienic, and safe workplace for all employees. A good housekeeping checklist should cover the thorough inspection of all areas in your workplace including storage, sanitation, and waste disposal processes. Proper workplace housekeeping can aid in the prevention of workplace hazards like fires, slips, trips, chemical exposure, and electrocution. Use iAuditor the world’s #1 inspection app to conduct housekeeping inspections to maintain a clean and organized workplace for your employees. Get started with this collection of free workplace housekeeping checklists that you can download and customize according to your workplace.

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Workplace Housekeeping Checklist

Use this workplace housekeeping checklist when conducting regular inspections at the workplace. Start the inspection with the description of work and a photo of the workplace. Thoroughly inspect the floors, aisles, and stairways if unobstructed and free from protruding objects. Check if waste disposals and absorbents were disposed of promptly and safely. Evaluate equipment and machinery if properly maintained. Then, check storage area if safe and accessible to all employees. End the inspection by providing recommendations and overall assessments. Use iAuditor to conduct digital inspection and generate on the spot report.

Housekeeping in the Workplace Checklist

This Housekeeping in the Workplace Checklist provides some basic requirements for workplace housekeeping. It helps the auditor to thoroughly check the cleanliness and orderliness of work and storage areas. Moreover, tools, machines, and equipment can be inspected to check if they’re placed at designated locations and if they’re in good working condition. Use iAuditor to document inspection and generate on-site reports.

OSHA Housekeeping Checklist

This digital OSHA Housekeeping Checklist converted using iAuditor can be used to inspect housekeeping activities. Evaluate if walkways, working surfaces, lighting, storage, and sanitation facilities are clean and regularly maintained. This checklist also covers storage and maintenance of tools and equipment, materials handling and proper waste disposal.

Office Housekeeping Checklist

Use this office housekeeping checklist to inspect the physical structure and facilities of the office. This checks if doors, emergency exits, aisles, stairways, and floors are unobstructed and clear of hazards. Use iAuditor to take photo evidence of any damages and notify other teams of corrective actions.

Housekeeping in Industries Checklist

Use this general housekeeping checklist to determine if there are housekeeping issues at your workplace. Evaluate work, storage, and sanitation areas for hazards, dangerous depressions, holes, and obstructions. Gauge employees’ work habits and practices to provide other tips and recommendations. Use iAuditor and generate reports using your mobile devices.

5S Housekeeping Checklist

This 5S housekeeping checklist follows a standard procedure that applies the 5S principles. The checklist aims to organize workspaces so your workers can perform efficiently, effectively, and safely. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence of the items that need to be removed from the workplace and assign corrective action to other employees. Browse for more 5S checklists

Gemba Walk Checklist

Browse this collection of Gemba walk checklists when performing your walk around workspaces to identify housekeeping areas of improvement. The Gemba walk checklists can help you assess if your workplace processes suit your workspace. Use iAuditor to provide your observations and recommendation on how to improve housekeeping in the workplace. Learn about how to perform better Gemba Walks

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