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Top 6 Workplace Housekeeping Checklists

A workplace housekeeping checklist is a tool used to ensure that the workplace is well organized, hygienic, and safe for all employees. Good housekeeping prevents workplace hazards such as slips, trips, falls, and more. Regular housekeeping in the workplace also improves productivity, boosts morale, and helps employers avoid potential fines for non-compliance.

Use iAuditor, the world’s #1 inspection app to conduct housekeeping inspections and maintain a clean and organized workplace. Document housekeeping operations using your mobile device to ensure that all areas are clean, organized, and hazard-free. Take photo evidence of compliant and non-compliant items for a comprehensive report and securely save your report in the cloud using iAuditor.

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1. Workplace Housekeeping Checklist

A workplace housekeeping checklist is a tool used to ensure cleanliness and organization within the workplace. Use this checklist to eliminate workplace hazards and promote safety for all your employees. Use this checklist by following the points below:

  1. Conduct an inspection on all work areas (i.e., floors, aisles, stairways), waste disposals and storage areas
  2. Take photos of compliant and non-compliant items
  3. Add comments, recommendations, and action items
  4. Sign off with digital signature from Inspector

2. Office Housekeeping Checklist

An office housekeeping checklist is used to inspect the overall office environment to lower worker exposure to hazards (i.e., slips, trips, falls, etc). Use this checklist to visually inspect the cleanliness and condition of the building, stairways, aisles, floors, and equipment.

3. OSHA Housekeeping Checklist

This digital OSHA Housekeeping Checklist converted using iAuditor can be used to inspect housekeeping activities. Evaluate if walkways, working surfaces, lighting, storage, and sanitation facilities are clean and regularly maintained. This checklist also covers storage and maintenance of tools and equipment, materials handling and proper waste disposal.

4. Housekeeping in the Workplace Checklist

A housekeeping in the workplace checklist is used as a guide in performing a housekeeping inspection in the workplace. Aside from helping check the cleanliness and orderliness of work and storage areas, this checklist can also be used to check if equipment are in good working condition and if they are placed in designated areas.

5. Housekeeping in Industries Checklist

Use this housekeeping in industries template to evaluate work, storage, and sanitation areas and determine the presence of hazards, dangerous depressions, holes, and obstructions. This checklist can also be used to gauge employees’ housekeeping practices within the workplace.

6. 5S Housekeeping Checklist

This 5S housekeeping checklist follows a standard procedure that applies the 5S principles. The checklist aims to organize workspaces so your workers can perform efficiently, effectively, and safely. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence of the items that need to be removed from the workplace and assign corrective action to other employees. Browse for more 5S checklists

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