Top 5 Airport Management System Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Modern airports require reliable technology to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance safety, and improve customer experience. All these are possible with SafetyCulture, one of the best digital platforms for managing airport operations. By eradicating standard paper checklists and streamlining information collection and sharing, employees at all levels accomplish their tasks competently and on time. Best of all, airports can use this platform to help minimize their carbon footprint. One such airport that benefits from an airport management system is Edinburgh Airport, one of the busiest airports in the UK, as it leverages SafetyCulture to revolutionize its processes, monitor environmental impact, boost completion rates, and eliminate non-compliance.


  • Enhance overall airport operations management by utilizing aviation digital templates and checklists for all processes, including ground equipment maintenance, facility inspections, routine security checks, and competence training for employees.
  • Minimize disruptions to operations by proactively handling potential threats, mitigating risks, and promptly responding to emergencies with the Issues and Actions feature.
  • Enable airport authorities and personnel to make better decisions, from weather compilations to arrival capacity, by utilizing robust analytics.
  • Strengthen security efforts with the help of geo-tagging for sites and access sensors for authorized personnel and documenting all these initiatives for compliance.
  • Share relevant information to all stakeholders, especially when coordinating with different agencies in case of emergencies, by sending video and chat alerts and notifications via Heads Up.

Why use GateKeeper Systems?

Used in over a hundred airports across 41 states and three countries, Gatekeeper Systems is one of the most innovative digital solutions for managing various workflows in airports. On top of digitizing and automating processes to increase operational productivity, this platform makes data security a top priority, minimizing the risk of breaches and identity theft.


  • Daily airfield inspection tools compliant with various aviation guidelines worldwide
  • Airport TNC (Terminal Navigation Charges) tracking and analysis
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) imaging with GPS tracking

Why use Civix?

From real-time aircraft tracking and incident management to lease and revenue management, Civix provides companies with a 360-degree view of their operations. On top of its robust features that increase productivity, this platform highly scalable and can be used by large commercial airports and small private airstrips.


  • Gate utilization planning
  • Safety management system
  • Situational awareness

Why use Damarel?

A world leader in aviation solutions, Damarel offers robust features and functionalities that enable airport personnel to complete their daily tasks efficiently. With the help of this software solution, passengers who ply their site get the best customer experience. This airport management system also helps companies handle the business side of the operations, ensuring continuity and longevity.


  • Passenger handling with portable (mobile) boarding
  • Ground handling and operations
  • Airport security

Why use Collins Aerospace?

With this comprehensive digital platform, airport managers and supervisors can competently adapt to the continuously changing landscape of the industry and innovate new strategies to provide a seamless experience for their passengers. Using Collins Aerospace’s numerous self-service solutions, every workflow is optimized, consequently contributing to enviable operational excellence.


  • AirPlan data sheets
  • Touchpoint biometrics
  • Luggage scanners

What is Airport Management System?

An Airport Management System (AMS) is a comprehensive software solution that helps companies manage the different operational aspects of an airport. It integrates and automates various workflows, such as flight management, air traffic control, security and surveillance, safety assurance, and communication. With its built-in features like report generation with advanced analytics and integration with sensors and similar equipment, companies can ensure smooth and efficient operations.


Managing airports is a very complex endeavor. Addressing high fuel and maintenance costs, staffing issues, congestion, and security threats are just some of the day-to-day concerns in this setting. Comprehensive airport management system software solutions help teams involved deal with these challenges through the following:

  • Ensures accurate data-gathering – All airport personnel, including avionic technicians, passenger assistants, baggage handlers, security personnel, and their department managers, rely on definite and reliable information to accomplish their tasks efficiently. The platform’s advanced functionalities minimize errors in data handling, informing workers’ decision-making.
  • Increases resource optimization – Inefficient allocation of resources negatively impacts financial performance. Digital checklists accessible on mobile devices facilitate better task management, from aircraft maintenance to all pre-flight checks, ensuring the company does not have to worry about wasted resources.
  • Enhances safety and security – Digital solutions have integrated security measures that protect physical and data security. This is incredibly important since passengers bring some of their most important possessions when flying and share crucial information about themselves with the company.

Airport management systems do not just help workers do their jobs better. It also ensures that customers have a pleasant experience before departure, while they cruise the skies, and after landing. See how the London City Airport streamlined many of its processes and increased safety for its workforce and customers with the help of a well-designed digital platform.

Key Features

Digital solutions designed specifically for airport management are some of the most complex platforms due to numerous stakeholders and the wide range of tasks involved. An enterprise-grade system should be your only option. It should include these essentials:

Selecting the Right Airport Management Software

All airport management systems mentioned in the list above can make the numerous processes in an airport less challenging, ensuring efficiency and, ultimately, excellent customer experience. Before deciding on your top pick, take another look at the options below:

Airport Management System Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
GateKeeper No Contact for pricing No
Civix No Contact for pricing No
Damarel No Contact for pricing Yes**
Collins Aerospace No Contact for pricing Yes

* billed annually

** mobile app available upon request

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