The Top Aviation Safety Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a comprehensive safety platform with many applications for the aviation industry. The app allows teams to ensure that everyone follows safety procedures, whether on the aircraft, the tarmac, or the airport using checklists, audits, and even training for newly onboarded employees. The platform also integrates with various other tools you may already use in your operations, so it’ll be easy to incorporate SafetyCulture into your workflows.


  • Ensure everyone follows proper safety procedures and equipment meets safety standards through smart mobile checklists and inspections
  • Stay on top of the team’s practices, find improvement areas, and maintain transparency using insights and reports from field inspections
  • Gain visibility on where and when your audits are performed, issues are reported, and actions are taken in one place
  • Ensure that all employees understand the culture of safety in your team by training them with the app
  • Keep all your aviation assets and equipment in proper condition by tracking them directly on the platform

Why use SMS Pro?

SMS Pro is a management platform designed for aviation organizations with features to enforce security and ensure compliance, which is crucial when building proper safety practices. Aside from maintaining compliance, the app allows you to manage incidents and improve safety practices and culture within the team.


  • Hazard reporting and risk assessment
  • Incident management and investigation
  • Safety performance monitoring

Why use Baldwin SMS?

This is a digital safety management platform designed for the aviation industry. The company provides companies with tailored and scalable systems designed for their company’s needs. That way, you can ensure that you have all the features you require with nothing more and nothing less.


  • Safety performance analysis
  • Training and document management
  • Integration options for data sharing

Why use Web Manuals?

Web Manuals allows you to produce, distribute, and monitor aviation manuals and documents. These could be safety checklists and reminders for the crew, which is why it’s also used as an aviation safety management system. With just a few clicks, Web Manuals allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your entire safety system to find improvement areas, lapses, and more.


  • Collaborative document authoring
  • Compliance tracking and version control
  • Audit and inspection preparation tools

Why use Ideagen Risk Management?

Ideagen offers a wide range of safety solutions that work for the aviation industry. Their risk management platform allows you to consistently monitor the risks employees face during operations. This protects not only your workers but also the organization from unnecessary and unforeseen accidents.


  • Risk assessment and mitigation tracking
  • Incident management and investigation
  • Safety performance monitoring

What is Aviation Safety Management Software?

Aviation safety management software is ay platform that allows airline and air transportation teams to take full control of their safety practices. The software typically allows you to set best safety practices for workers, track safety incidents and corrective actions, and even create safety reports to present to teams and managers. That way, managers have an easier time monitoring safety performance and ensuring that their teams don’t run into any trouble or are exposed to an unnecessarily high-risk level.


Safety is critical in the aviation industry. This industry handles many goods, services countless clients, and operates in various conditions and environments. Various factors and conditions may affect the safety of your workers, passengers, and cargo. It’s difficult for managers to track overall safety performance manually, which is why having software to streamline the entire safety process and significantly improve the safety of their operations.

Key Features

As you might already tell, there are various security and safety features available in aviation safety management software. Each of these features has its use and application in the field, however, you need to find software that has the features that serve your needs. For example, if your focus is auditing safety practices and training newly onboarded employees, you need to find software that meets these standards.

That said, some key features are present in most high-quality aviation safety management software, which include:

  • Auditing checklists
  • Flight scheduling and planning
  • Crew management
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Data, analytics, and reporting

Choosing the Right Aviation Safety Management Software

All the software featured above meets the criteria for top-tier aviation safety management software. But while they all have great features and highlights, it’s best to compare all of them to find the one that meets your needs. To help out, here’s a quick breakdown of the options featured above:

Aviation Safety Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
SMS Pro Yes $399/month No
Baldwin ASMS No Contact vendor for pricing No
Web Manuals No $3,000/year Yes
Ideagen No Contact vendor for pricing No

* billed annually

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