Cathay Pacific Airways

Hong Kong’s flag carrier tracks safety compliance for thousands of flights each week.

The Cathay Pacific team needed a way to consolidate all the results from their audits, and to pull meaningful insights out of the data. Using a combination of SafetyCulture platform and Excel macros, Cathay Pacific can track non-compliant items across the globe, then highlight and report them easily.

Cathay Pacific originally started with just a PDF checklist that once completed, was scanned and uploaded to Sharepoint. Deaky Wong, a Line Maintenance Engineer at Cathay Pacific Airways, says this made high-level data analysis difficult.

“Before SafetyCulture platform, we needed someone to enter all the checklist data once they got back to the office, then run Excel analytics over it, then finally share it with the team. SafetyCulture Analytics give us more comprehensive data in one area that we can share.”

Deaky Wong
Line Maintenance Engineer with Cathay Pacific

Deaky says SafetyCulture has improved not just Cathay Pacific’s data collection, but also their audit completion rates in the field. It gives auditors the ability to immediately escalate any issues they come across in their audits.

When auditors of the civil aviation regulatory or company quality department come, they frequently want to see documentation of what Cathay Pacific is doing to track compliance. The airline can provide documentation of all the previous audits done in a given time period just by pulling up SafetyCulture Analytics and the PDF reports filed.

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