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Learn how Edinburgh Airport reduced their non-compliance and ditched paper by harnessing the power of SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor).

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Edinburgh Airport

As one of the busiest airports in the UK, Edinburgh Airport has a complex set of operational challenges, ranging from security to sustainability. The airport sought a solution to spreadsheets and illegible paperwork to help them stay top of their game. 

We spoke to Ian Gregory, Security and Compliance Manager at Edinburgh Airport, to find out more.

The paperwork challenge

Before adopting the SafetyCulture platform, the airport kept on top of compliance using spreadsheets and long paper-based processes. This created a number of challenges for the business: management struggled with availability, completion rates were poor, and legibility of reports was a consistent issue. Combined, these created difficulties when it came to effectively analysing data to present to regulators. The team were seeking a solution to revolutionise their processes, eliminate non-compliance, and tackle completion rates. 

“The problem we had was that we have to keep a number of records to satisfy the regulator, to show that we are operating in a compliant manner. These records were sometimes illegible and badly filed….and all paper-based.”

Ian Gregory
Security and Compliance Manager, Edinburgh Airport

Getting everyone on the same paperless page 

Seeking a solution, Ian and his team came across the SafetyCulture platform in the App Store. They then worked closely with SafetyCulture’s onboarding team, creating checklist templates that worked effectively for the airport – and for them, it was a lightbulb moment. 

By integrating SafetyCulture into the business and their compliance operations, the tool has taken them “All the way,” remarks Ian. The airport now sits at zero non-compliances for poor record keeping.

From just a few licenses and inspections, the adoption of SafetyCulture has expanded throughout the airport’s operations. Most importantly, it has been well received by the frontline due to its simplicity and ease of use. 

Taking security, sustainability and visibility to the next level 

One of the most important elements of the SafetyCulture platform for Ian is the security of their checklist templates. Building custom-made templates unique to their operational processes, Edinburgh Airport can unload these securely within their organisational account and easily share with selected team accounts where needed. Keeping their bespoke templates private gives the team peace of mind.

Like many businesses, Edinburgh Airport faced major challenges as a result of the pandemic. However, despite their compliance management team working remote and deskless, they were able to retain the same real-time visibility as they would have on the ground by using SafetyCulture, something which their old paper-based processes could not satisfy. 

Another layer to their compliance and business is sustainability. Ian and his team were conscious of the environmental impact of their paper checklists. With SafetyCulture, they were immediately able to strip back on their use of paper, electricity and toner. Now there’s no need to print compliance checklist forms, as they’re freely available on the app or desktop application anytime, anywhere. 

In conjunction with the elimination of paper, Edinburgh Airport also reduced the risk of sensitive data and information loss. It’s much harder to misplace an iPad or phone than paper!  And if you do they are security locked. With the added bonus of all their inspections and templates stored on the cloud and visibility controlled via permission settings, their SafetyCulture data is effectively managed, secure and controlled. 

A picture paints a thousand words

Ian also values the ability to add contextual information, videos and imagery to inspections with SafetyCulture. This has given his team a way to enrich their data and reporting in a way that they did not imagine before. 

It also allows them to visualise what is happening and utilise the imagery for continuous improvement. In one example, Ian’s team has pulled imagery from a report which they now implement into training as a visual aid to “close down non-compliance.”

More than just a checklist…

Finally, Ian’s team has been able to pull data analysis into Tableau with the help of API integrations. The two systems talk to one another, allowing the airport to create live dashboards and pull detailed reports to review and analyse. Not only does it help them identify issues quickly, it also helps them to demonstrate clearly to their regulators that they are doing all of the things they should be doing.  

The way that Edinburgh Airport uses the SafetyCulture platform is continuously expanding. “I can’t think of anything that we haven’t been able to put into SafetyCulture,” remarks Ian. “I don’t think that an airport is going to find something they couldn’t use it for.”

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