Top 7 Ocean Freight Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

Thanks to its highly customizable features that facilitate efficient logistical and transport workflows, SafetyCulture is one of the most robust ocean freight management software. This platform guarantees that all workers in every stage of the supply chain can accomplish their tasks using digital checklists and deal with issues thanks to real-time monitoring. Its offline accessibility is an appreciable plus, especially for maritime freight, where connectivity might be spotty when ships reach the middle of the ocean.


  • Ensure workers comply with internal policies and procedures, using pre-built checklists and templates for pertinent shipping tasks, such as transport inspection, order fulfillment, and inventory checks.
  • Reduce bottlenecks and minimize possible delays by scheduling activities in advance and pinpointing workers’ and cargo locations using Sites with a Geo-tagging feature. 
  • Increase employee responsiveness, particularly when incidents arise, by monitoring problems in real time and enabling workers to act on these using pre-assigned preventive or remedial measures. 
  • Ensure that regulations are followed by creating thorough reports and evaluating them to make improvements in the future. 
  • Encourage smooth cooperation between cargo airline employees, logistics management, air freight forwarders and brokers, and other stakeholders by connecting all systems and using Heads Up to deliver crucial messages and alerts. 

Why use Project44?

Trusted by some of the biggest names in global logistics and supply chain, Project44 is a platform that has the scope and sophistication required to oversee a complex international supply chain. With their full spectrum of ocean solutions, everyone involved in the operations can focus more on proactively handling risks and solving problems to enhance their overall productivity. 


  • Predictive tracking and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) 
  • Extensive geographic visibility 
  • Drive view, telematics, and API  

Why use INTTRA?

Now part of the comprehensive e2open’s transportation management platform, INTTRA is an ocean booking platform that shippers, carriers, and other logistics providers plan, book, and track shipments as they move at sea. With this digital tool, companies can gain accurate information in an instant, helping them increase productivity and decrease operational expenses. 


  • Ocean schedules on one interface 
  • Track and trace 
  • Shipping instructions specific to Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) and Vessel Operating Common Carriers (VOOCs)

Why use Shipamax?

Line item extraction, verification, and classification are incredibly complex tasks. Shipamax understands that modern logistics requires accurate information delivered on time. By simplifying data acquisition and through the aid of analytics, companies involved in the ocean freight industry can improve their processes, increase profits, and maintain compliance.  


  • Bill of lading for import and export 
  • Customs declarations 
  • Automatic filing of logistics documents 

Why use Kuebix?

Recently acquired by FreightWise, Kuebix is a transport management system offering extensive features accessible at sea. The platform developers created web service integrations so that all companies involved in the shipping process can obtain real-time information to enhance efficiency and deliver commodities promptly.


  • Shipment tracking and tracing 
  • Advanced shipping management
  • Predictive analytics

Why use CargoWise?

CargoWise is an easy-to-use logistics platform that assists service providers in managing intricate transactions in shipping operations. With its 360-visibility, sophisticated automation, and robust analytics, the software empowers personnel at every stage of the supply chain to perform jobs more quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing peak performance and timely distribution of goods.  


  • Real-time data visibility 
  • Comprehensive compliance management system
  • International forwarding

Why use FreightExchange?

FreightExchange is an Australia-based shipping platform that helps shipping and logistics businesses schedule assignments with pinpoint precision, allocate cargo weights and volumes, and confirm destinations. It also comes with many integrations and plugins for different online selling platforms to streamline cross-platform operations. 


  • Detailed tracking capability 
  • Extensive courier network 
  • Dangerous goods shipping

What is Ocean Freight Software?

An ocean freight software is a specialized digital tool that streamlines and optimizes maritime shipping and logistics operations. This comprehensive solution facilitates the planning, execution, and monitoring of the movement of goods via sea routes, ensuring that goods are delivered to their destination promptly and safely. Everyone involved in the operations, including shipping lines or carriers, freight forwarders and brokers, warehouse managers, and port operators, will benefit from this software.


The ocean freight industry is responsible for moving massive quantities of commodities across continents, making this one of the most crucial links in the global supply chain. But with the incredibly complex operations come numerous challenges that hamper the transport of goods from the point of origin to consumption.

Software solutions targeted to facilitate ocean freight activities help counteract these challenges, enhancing efficiency every step of the way. Shipping management features like 24/7 monitoring, cargo tracking, reporting with document management, and communication tools provide workers with end-to-end visibility into the operations and enable them to act on issues quickly.

Top logistics and shipping companies like DB Schenker and VROON leverage this platform to digitize information to gain accurate data and automate their workflows for enhanced efficiency.

Key Features

This software is available as a stand-alone tool or component of an extensive logistics or supply chain management platform. Whichever option you choose, be sure it has the following basic functionalities:

Choosing the Right Ocean Freight Software

Shipping lines, terminal operators, freight brokers, supply chain managers, and operations managers of the different key players in this highly interconnected operation will benefit from any solution listed above. Before selecting your top pick, take another look at all the platforms in the table below:

Ocean Freight Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Project44 Yes Contact for pricing Yes
INTTRA No Contact for pricing No
Shipamax No Contact for pricing No
Kuebix Yes Contact for pricing No
CargoWise No Contact for pricing Yes
FreightExchange Yes AUD 250 (≈$170)/mo No

* billed annually

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