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VROON manages vessel inspections across a fleet of 170 vessels with iAuditor.

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Vroon provides seagoing transportation services and engineering & support solutions that are reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and enable its customers to be successful.

Ships do not earn money lying in port and every day they are idle, they cost money. Big money.

Before implementing iAuditor, Vroon used to conduct inspections via a Word document.  This was both arduous and time-consuming. The result of this was that reports were often handed in way too late. In addition, the contents of the reports were not always clear. This led to a considerable amount of time being allocated to follow-up to ensure the reports were understood. With a lack of clear data, as a result, it cost Vroon a lot of time and resources to identify and track systematic errors or issues onboard their ships.

Vroon inspection

"It allows us to prevent downtime." Maren Schroeder, Head of Technical

Since implementing iAuditor inspections have become more efficient, which in turn has made reporting much faster. This has helped Vroon prevent future downtime, which is critical when preparing a vessel to go to sea.

From viewing the analytics in iAuditor, a lot of inspectors reported that not all loose items were not being secured properly onboard vessels. The data in iAuditor prompted Vroon to spot this systematic error and address it via a group-wide campaign.

Vroon no longer has to manually skim through hundreds of pages of reports to identify common issues across their fleet, they now have hard facts and data available to make informed decisions. 

"Without iAuditor it would have been difficult to identify this systematic error." Maren Schroeder, Head of Technical

"iAuditor helps us to empower our team members to own safety and keep quality to a high standard."

Maren Schroeder , Head of Technical at VROON


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