Motor Fuel Group

How MFG used digital checklists to stay COVID-19 safe on the forecourt

Motor Fuel Group (MFG)  is the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK, with over 900 stations operating under the BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, JET, and Murco fuel brands. 

MFG requires strict processes and regular inspection checks to maintain safety compliance across their forecourt, shop, ‘food to go’ and valeting services.

With COVID-19 now on everyone’s minds, they had to incorporate additional hygiene standards and find new ways to manage all of this data in a fast and easily accessible manner.

MFG’s central challenge was to understand how to coordinate this huge volume of data whilst staying compliant,  risk-free, and  able to attend to issues quickly. 

A digital solution was required for maximum efficiency when conducting site reviews, and the ability to store data in the cloud was vital.

iAuditor plays a key role in operations

Over the past six years, MFG has used iAuditor to manage the performance of teams and analyze  data from forecourt inspections.

With the ability to tailor inspections to the needs of the business, all inspections were digitized via the app, meaning completed reviews could be viewed at a moment’s notice, all in real-time. 

iAuditor’s ability to produce custom reviews meant that management had any information they needed at their fingertips, all with the ability to drill down to an individual question, with cloud-hosted data.

This allowed MFG to:

  • Standardize the auditing process across their vast portfolio of sites, ensuring compliance is adhered to
  • Digitize the process of conducting quarterly site reviews
  • Increase visibility and reporting across sites for inspections at a management level

The results were evident. As they used the app to conduct COVID-19 related checks, they found that 98% of their data was captured without any issues, meaning greater reliability and peace of mind for forecourt staff and customers.

Overall, they completed 1,969 Inspections over 6 months. iAuditor has played a vital role in their operations, allowing senior management to understand which sites are compliant and quickly address inspection issues, as well as circulating detailed reports to teams.

Want to see how iAuditor can play a role in your COVID-19 operations? Check out our COVID-19 Response Hub and access thousands of COVID-19 checklists, resources, and ebooks for free.

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