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A delivery order template is used to relay instructions to freight forwarders regarding shipments and delivery details. It can also be used as proof of shipment and record of accountability from carrier to forwarder. A clear and accurate delivery order helps avoid costly delays and delivery errors that could hurt the shipper’s reputation.

This article will briefly discuss the (1) crucial elements of a delivery order template; (2) characteristics of good delivery order template; and (3) technology that can help meet the needs of delivery orders.

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Delivery order templates contain mandatory information intended to facilitate the delivery of shipments. With some variations depending on the method of shipment, here are the crucial elements of a delivery order:


Also called “shipper,” individual or organization responsible for initiating the delivery order. A delivery order form includes the shipper’s name and address.


The recipient of the shipment. A delivery order form includes the consignee’s name and delivery address.

Reference numbers

This is used to track status of the shipment. Reference numbers may vary based on the mode of transport used.


This refers to the mode of transport used, which can be either by sea or air.


This identifies the port of origin and the port of destination. Port of origin is where the shipment is loaded to the carrier, while port of destination is where the shipment is unloaded. The port of destination can be different from the delivery address or the final “place of destination.”

Delivery date

This is the date when the shipment is to be delivered to the consignee.

Shipment details

This contains details such as the number of pieces, volumetric weight, dimensions, and volume of the shipment. This may also contain special instructions from the shipper.

To help ensure that shipments arrive safely and on time at the correct address, delivery orders should be:

1. Accurate and easy to understand

The information on the delivery order should be clear and easy for the crew to read. Multiple shipments go all over the world round-the-clock, and an accurate delivery order prevents errors or delays caused by the need for clarification.

2. Informative and up-to-date

There are a lot of variables that can delay shipments and affect their condition while in transit. Changes in the delivery date and address, for example, should always be updated on the issued delivery order form. Unsuccessful deliveries caused by incorrect information can leave a negative impression on customers and business partners.

3. An effective tool for the seamless transfer of responsibility

As proof of transfer of responsibility, delivery order forms should be made available for all parties involved. Technology has allowed the use of digital delivery order templates to provide information to the crew, saving time and preventing costly delays.

Technology can provide enhanced speed, accuracy, and convenience to your delivery orders. iAuditor is a powerful mobile app that can help dispatchers and coordinators create, send, and update delivery orders anytime, anywhere.

✔ Paperless

No more lost or damaged delivery orders! Delivery order templates are easy to fill out on your mobile device or desktop and can be sent as PDF documents or web links.

✔ Geotagging

Always provide accurate addresses by using iAuditor’s geotagging feature.

✔ Text and photos

No more illegible handwriting to confuse the crew! You can also include photographs of the shipment as an added reference.

✔ Mandatory fields

Delivery order templates can be set to have mandatory fields to help dispatchers ensure that the form is completely filled out before sending to concerned parties.

✔ Quick updates

Easily modify delivery orders or include updated information and send new PDF copies via your mobile device or desktop. Real-time updates can be made using the iAuditor app and all information is automatically saved in the cloud.

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Top 3 Delivery Order Templates

1. Delivery Order Template

A delivery order template is used by dispatchers to instruct carriers to release shipments to freight forwarders. It details the shipment content, as well as the origin and destination address. It serves as proof that the responsibility of shipment transitioned from carrier to freight forwarder. The delivery order must be clear and concise to help avoid confusion and delivery errors. This digital delivery order template allows:

  1. Air or sea shipment transfer to freight forwarders
  2. Mandatory fields activated for the dispatcher’s signature
  3. Optional photos as additional reference
  4. Customizations to fit your business needs

2. Outbound Warehouse Delivery Order Form

An outbound delivery order is a traceable document used for the coordination and recording of deliveries from a warehouse or storage facility. It details the items being delivered and the delivery address. This can be used by businesses when sending supplies to retail outlets.

3. Goods Delivery Order Template

A goods delivery order template is used for delivery of goods to customers. It helps businesses track orders and estimate turnaround time. Proper coordination using goods delivery orders help set customer expectations and promote customer satisfaction.