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What is a Delivery Note Template?

A delivery note template is a tool used to capture all information relevant to the delivery of goods. It acts as a proof of delivery form and helps set the recipient’s expectations. Upon completion of the delivery, a copy of the delivery note with the recipient’s signature is sent back to the merchant or seller.

This article will briefly discuss (1) what a delivery note template should contain; (2) the information to be captured upon completion of a delivery; and (3) technology to help streamline the use of delivery notes

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Elements of a Good Delivery Note Template

A properly filled out delivery note template can help with the smooth delivery of goods. Upon delivery, the courier should ensure that it contains:

company name, phone number, and address

name and phone number

invoice, delivery, or order number

description and quantity

What Should be Captured on a Delivery Note?

It is a must to get the recipient to sign the delivery note. The recipient’s signature signifies acceptance of the delivery and that the items received are correct and in good condition. There are also delivery notes that allow entry of comments to gather feedback from the customer.

A delivery note template that is complete and accurate can help facilitate a hassle-free transaction between the seller, shipper, and buyer. A more streamlined process of using delivery notes can contribute to a positive customer experience and encourage repeat business.

Why Use iAuditor for Delivery Notes?

iAuditor is a powerful mobile app that can help conveniently capture information vital to the delivery completion. Install iAuditor for free on your mobile device and take advantage of the following features:

  • Paperless records - No more paperwork! Delivery notes are secure in the cloud and can be easily shared via mobile or desktop.
  • Notes and Photos - Customer comments can be recorded as well as photos when needed.
  • Digital signatures - Digitally sign delivery receipts and save copies in the cloud.
  • Geotagging - iAuditor records the location of deliveries.
  • Mandatory fields - Decide which fields should be mandatory on your delivery note template.
  • Real-time updates - Delivery note updates made by field staff can be viewed instantly at the base of operations.

Best 5 Delivery Note Templates

1. Delivery Note Template

Use this delivery note template to enter the delivery details before assigning the delivery job. The delivery team will present the delivery note to the customer for confirmation of the completed delivery. This template contains the following sections:

  1. Seller details
  2. Order information
  3. Shipping details
  4. Item description
  5. Customer confirmation - apart from the mandatory signature, there is a question field that asks the customer if items are correct and received in good condition

2. Delivery Receipt Template

Courier managers can use use this delivery receipt template when assigning delivery tasks. This template can be used for a complete delivery or partial delivery. The customer’s signature signifies that all the items received are in good condition.

  • - Copies of a delivery receipts, like any iAuditor report, can be shared via web link or PDF.

3. Delivery Receipt Form

This form can be used for the delivery of bulk orders. Dispatch managers can fill out this delivery receipt form to indicate the content, quantity and weight of packages being delivered. The recipient’s signature confirms that the packages received are in good condition.

4. Proof of Delivery Template

A simple and straightforward delivery note template to enter the quantity and description of items. Include the invoice number and the consignor/seller’s name and phone number on this template. The customer can provide comments about the delivery and will sign to confirm.

5. Proof of Delivery Form

This proof of delivery form has the basic fields to indicate delivery address, purchase order number, and the recipient’s contact details. It also has a text field to enter more details about the items being delivered. A field indicating total number of pieces is included on this form and a signature field for the recipient.

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