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Delivery Note Templates

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What is a Delivery Note?

A delivery note is used to capture information relevant to the delivery of goods. It acts as a proof of delivery form and helps set the recipient’s expectations. Upon completion of the delivery, a copy of the delivery note with the recipient’s signature is sent back to the merchant or seller.

What are the Elements of a Good Delivery Note?

A properly filled out delivery note template can help with the smooth delivery of goods. Upon delivery, the courier should ensure that it contains:

  1. Seller information, such as company name, phone number, and address
  2. Buyer information, such as name and phone number
  3. Reference number, such as invoice, delivery, and order numbers
  4. Item details, such as description and quantity
  5. Delivery date and address
  6. Signature of the buyer/recipient
  7. What Should be Captured on a Delivery Note?
  8. The recipient’s signature is vital on a delivery note because it signifies acceptance of the delivery and that the items received are correct and in good condition. There are also delivery notes that allow entry of comments to gather feedback from the customer.

A complete and accurate delivery note template can help facilitate a hassle-free transaction between the seller, shipper, and buyer because it helps streamline the delivery process. Ultimately, delivery notes can contribute to a positive customer experience and encourage repeat business.

Why Use iAuditor for Delivery Notes?

iAuditor is a powerful mobile app that can help conveniently capture information vital to delivery completion. Install iAuditor for free on your mobile device and take advantage of the following features:

  • Paperless records – No more paperwork! Delivery notes are secure in the cloud and can be easily shared via mobile or desktop.
  • Notes and photos – Customer comments can be recorded as well as photos when needed.
  • Digital signatures – Digitally sign delivery receipts and save copies in the cloud.
  • Geotagging – iAuditor records the location of deliveries for future reference.
  • Mandatory fields – Decide which fields should be mandatory on your delivery note template.
  • Real-time updates – Delivery note updates made by field staff can be viewed instantly at the base of operations.


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