+7 Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Customer satisfaction surveys are useful tools to measure engagement with a product or service offering. These are commonly used by retail businesses such as shops, hotels and restaurants to identify areas of improvement and maintain customer retention. An alternative to traditional online surveys and paper forms to capture customer satisfaction results is using digital kiosks. Having customers fill out feedback via an onsite digital kiosk can help you capture relevant and timely feedback.

Download this free collection of digital customer satisfaction survey templates you can deploy on a tablet device via iAuditor mobile app. iAuditor is used by retail businesses worldwide to capture real-time data and improve their product and service offering.

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1. Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

This customer satisfaction form can be used to collect feedback from customers who visit your retail shop. This form covers the evaluation of the shop’s appearance, products and services offered, pricing, staff, and the overall purchasing experience. Get insights from customers through the comments and suggestions field. Customers have the option to enter their name and provide a digital signature at the end of the survey. Use iAuditor to gather data and determine what areas need to be improved. The scoring is set as well as failed responses so you can determine frequent failed responses and which areas for improvement need to be prioritized. Compile all customer surveys across all your branches and use the Analytics feature to track overall customer satisfaction.

2. Hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Use this checklist to collect data on customers’ booking process and hotel experience. The form can be used to record data on the reason and process for booking, factors that may contribute to better sleep, and feedback about the food service. Lastly, it also allows customers to rate their overall stay and their likelihood to recommend the hotel to family and friends. iAuditor is ideal for data gathering because it utilizes cloud-storage for your hotel customer surveys. Set triggers that send notifications to staff so that customers’ concerns can be addressed immediately, positively impacting customer experience.

3. Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey

Food businesses should not only focus on the quality of food that they serve but also on the entire customer experience, from convenience of reservations to the actual dining experience. This restaurant customer satisfaction survey offers a brief evaluation of the restaurant premise, the ambience, service staff, food quality, and the overall customer experience. iAuditor promotes better survey experience because the survey can be done on a mobile device, iPad, or tablet instead of using a piece of paper that can get crumpled, wet, stained, or ignored. With iAuditor you can set the scoring for responses and analyze data through iAuditor's Analytics.

4. Customer Satisfaction Product Survey Template

Know the product ratings through iAuditor and determine how customers percieve the product's quality, value, and usage experience. Identify areas for improvement by using collected customer feedback with this template and use the data for business planning and for market research purposes.

5. Service Center Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

This checklist aims to determine how well your staff performed during the service. The customer will evaluate the staff’s quality of work, timeliness of work completed, and provide their impression on how their need was addressed. Help enhance the overall performance of your service team and promote better customer experience with the use of this template.

6. Hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

This hotel customer satisfaction survey form focuses on the experience of the customers during their stay. It asks general questions about the service experienced, the quality of the food served, the availability of facilities, and staff assistance.

7. NPS - Customer Satisfaction Survey for Products

This checklist contains slider fields to let the customers rate a product, service, or company. The rating system can be modified from the preset zero satisfactory rate to an exceptional or excellent customer satisfaction rate of 10 on this template. This also covers customer profiling that you can use for possible product research and focused-group study purposes.

8. Mcdonald's Customer Experience Visit Checklist

Take a look at this Mcdonald's Customer Experience Visit Checklist, converted using iAuditor, intended for conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

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