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Published October 28th, 2020

What is a Digital Form?

A digital form is a paperless tool used by businesses to gather information in an efficient way. It helps streamline business processes and promote accessible recordkeeping and data sharing. A digital form has an option to capture a wide array of information that does not exist with paper forms. It is used to eliminate the hassle of lost paperwork, damaged reports, and manual data re-entry.

This page will briefly discuss: 1) why businesses use digital forms, 2) 5 key benefits of digital forms, 3) how to convert your paper checklists to digital forms with iAuditor, 4) iAuditor overview, and 5) Digital templates you can download and customize for free.

Why use a Digital Form?

Technological advances have led to the widespread adoption of smart mobile devices into nearly everyone’s hands. Yet despite being in the middle of the digital age – many of us still rely on paper forms in our business. Making the switch between paper forms and digital forms will be the difference that propels a company forward by integrating mobile devices and apps into the business landscape. Digital forms help to eliminate paper waste and reduce the costs of printing and storage. These forms can be filled out faster by programming that allows for the rapid capture of a wide variety of information.

5 Key Benefits of Digital Forms?

Transforming your current paper-based checklists and forms into digital forms will change the way you work – for the better. Here are some of the benefits of using digital forms:

  1. Richer data
    With digital forms, you can take advantage of mobile technology and capture photos, barcodes, electronic signatures, diagrams, reference links, GPS coordinates, and more.
  2. Save Time
    Capturing information is faster than writing things by hand. It can speed up the process of gathering and retrieval of information and generating business reports.
  3. Eco-friendly
    Digital forms can contribute to green living that supports conserve the environment. It helps businesses in controlling paper waste.
  4. Data Storage
    Avoid the hassle of a pile of paperwork and unorganized records. With digital forms, you can keep your data securely in the cloud.
  5. Analytics
    Standardized information with an electronic form creates data that can be analyzed. This information is easily shared with the members of the organization. The responses can be presented through dashboards and charts to make informed decisions.

Convert your Paper Checklists to Digital Forms with iAuditor

Convert your paper checklist using cloud software tools like iAuditor by SafetyCulture to eliminate wasteful time spent in gathering questionnaire responses and data-entry when performing business processes. With iAuditor Form Maker, your team can:

  • Create customizable digital forms that will suit according to your business needs
  • Gather information using different devices such as desktop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Reduce storage and paper costs
  • Instantly make and distribute changes to your digital forms, checklists, and questionnaires
  • Compile completed forms automatically and save data securely in a cloud
  • Sign-off audits with electronic signatures which validates the assessment

How iAuditor Digital Checklists & Forms Can Help Your Business



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