Top 10 Logistics Document Management Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

As the most widely used logistics document management software, SafetyCulture enables logistics companies to save time by digitizing all paper trails related to shipping and delivery of goods. Supply chain managers rely on this easy-to-use software not only to streamline operations but also to ensure regulatory compliance across all stages of the supply chain with the use of the reports and analytics feature. With SafetyCulture, logistics operations are more efficient, transparent, and compliant.


  • Record pertinent details on each step of all logistics processes and track shipping status using customizable shipping log templates
  • Enable delivery personnel to communicate issues as soon as they happen
  • Ensure compliance with applicable logistics regulations by generating digital copies of your document in PDF, Excel, and other formats
  • Seamlessly transfer data from the SafetyCulture platform to your existing systems with hassle-free integrations
  • Maintain complete oversight and accountability with a comprehensive audit trail of all logistics documents with signatures for verification

Why Use DocuWare?

DocuWare is a powerful logistics document management software that helps companies digitize and organize their paperwork for efficient retrieval and processing. It enables easy capture, storage, management, and sharing of critical documents, enhancing workflow automation and collaboration.


  • Document storage and quick retrieval
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, and accounting systems
  • Workflow automation for streamlined processes

Why Use Square 9?

Square 9 is a comprehensive logistics document management software designed to streamline the handling of distribution documents. It enables secure storage, automated scanning, and quick access to critical delivery information, enhancing overall efficiency and collaboration in logistics operations.


  • Scanning and filing of delivery documents
  • Quick access via diverse search methods
  • Efficient data extraction for improved collaboration

Why Use IntelliChief?

IntelliChief provides a comprehensive approach to freight document management by digitizing and securely storing all shipping documents. This software streamlines operations, reduces delays, and allows for instant document retrieval.


  • Instant digital capture and storage of shipping documents
  • Seamless integration with ERP and SCM systems
  • Real-time access and sharing of documents across different departments and locations

Why Use Folderit?

Folderit offers another cloud document management solution tailored for logistics companies, ensuring secure and efficient handling of critical documents. Folderit streamlines document retrieval, collaboration, and compliance, enhancing overall operational efficiency in the logistics sector.


  • Efficient multilingual OCR search for quick document access
  • Collaborative Office 365 integration and seamless eSigning workflows
  • Triple-backed, secure cloud storage with secure encryption

Why Use VIENNA Advantage DMS?

VIENNA Advantage DMS provides a powerful embedded document management solution for logistics applications, ensuring seamless integration and efficient document handling. This software integrates with your logistics application, offering a uniform user experience and extensive metadata management capabilities.


  • Seamless integration with logistics applications
  • Workflow automation triggered by document metadata
  • Highly secure data encryption

Why Use Beacon Doc Manager?

Beacon Doc Manager simplifies logistics document management by allowing users to easily upload and label invoices, packing lists, BOLs, and other important documents to associated POs or shipments. This ensures that documents are organized and easily accessible, reducing the stress of locating critical shipping information and facilitating seamless collaboration among users.


  • Easy upload and labeling of documents to associated POs or shipments
  • Centralized document access for all platform users
  • Streamlined search and retrieval of shipping documents

Why Use EZ Loader TMS?

EZ Loader TMS enhances logistics document management by providing a seamless solution for collecting, organizing, and distributing essential documents. With features like a unified repository, bulk assignment, and live document auditing, EZ Loader TMS simplifies the entire document handling process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.


  • Centralized documents for easy access and management
  • Assignment of multiple documents at once
  • Real-time quality control and compliance

Why Use EisenVault?

EisenVault is a logistics document management solution that digitizes paperwork and stores it in an organized repository for quick retrieval. EisenVault streamlines document handling with workflow automation, task lists, and email notifications.


  • Advanced indexing for efficient categorization and searchability
  • Long-term storage for compliance and easy recovery
  • Digital signatures for increased efficiency


GLOBODOX facilitates seamless document sharing and real-time feedback, while safeguarding sensitive data transport. It also ensures documents are efficiently organized using folders, tags, and metadata-based search which reduce retrieval time significantly.


  • Multiple file format options (.pdf, .xls, .doc, .dwg)
  • Personalized portals for clients
  • Real-time highlights and comments on documents

What is Logistics Document Management Software?

Logistics document management software is a tool used by supply chain managers to streamline and manage the extensive documentation involved during logistics operations. This powerful tool helps logistics companies minimize errors by improving documentation trails, reducing manual labor associated with physical documents, and promoting transparency in the operations.


Effective logistics document management is beneficial to businesses for several reasons, as it is capable of:

  • Streamlining the logistics process – Proper document management in logistics ensures smooth business operations, as the logistics industry generally involves multiple stages and stakeholders.
  • Helping mitigate risks – Logistics document management software helps prevent delays, errors, and losses. Accurate and timely documentation also aids in dispute resolution by presenting clear paper trails.
  • Enhancing operational efficiency – Digital storage and retrieval of logistics documents save time and enable quicker deliveries as streamlined document workflows accelerate the flow of goods through the supply chain.

Key Features

Identify the needs of your logistics company to decide which logistics document management software is the right fit.  And while some other software may already fit the bill, there are other helpful features that you might need to consider, which include


How to Choose the Right Logistics Document Management Software

All of the logistics document management software above are some of the best options available on the market today. Now, here’s a quick summary of the points made earlier so you can be guided on which one to choose for your company.


Logistics Document Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
DocuWare None Custom quote Yes
Square 9 None $50/user/month None
IntelliChief None $50,000.00

(one time payment)

Folderit Yes $27/month None
VIENNA Advantage DMS Yes Contact vendor for pricing Yes
Beacon Doc Manager None $199/month None
EZ Loader TMS None $150/user/month None
EisenVault Yes $5,000/year None
GLOBODOX None Available upon request Yes


* billed annually

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