Top 10 Employee Communications Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Employee communication is critical to the success of any organization. SafetyCulture helps ensure employee engagement and full collaboration by personalizing internal top-down communications through its various features, allowing employees to receive up-to-date information relevant to their responsibilities, delivering instant messages across departments about issues, actions, documentation, and insights, and enhancing teamwork for increased productivity. Best of all, this mobile-first software can be used anywhere, at any time, and even when offline.


  • Facilitate workplace communications through Heads Up, allowing the management to send interactive notifications to different departments and giving workers the ability to reply immediately.
  • Deploy general employee engagement surveys, 360-degree feedback, and performance reviews using digital forms available for download at the Public Library .
  • Orient new employees about company policies and provide modules for training and further education to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Raise issues about any observations so that appropriate action may be taken.
  • Enhance decision-making practices by creating reports complete with media documentation and insights.

Why use Slack?

Building productivity in the workplace, even for teams working off-site, is what Slack is all about. Considered one of the best employee communications software, this platform automates various tasks to ensure efficiency and brings people together in an organized space toward success.


  • Instant messaging with a history
  • Audio and video conversations with screen sharing
  • Secure collaboration with an outside organization

Why use Beekeeper?

This is a mobile-first platform that resolves frontline disconnects by providing workers with everything they may need—especially salient information about their tasks—in a centralized space. The Beekeeper software enhances cross-collaboration through numerous functionalities, as listed below.


  • Daily stand-up briefings
  • Pulse surveys 
  • Crisis communication with video updates

Why use Staffbase?

Reaching every single member of the team, across departments, through a centralized dashboard is possible through Staffbase. This platform enhances strategic communications, ensuring employee engagement from top to bottom.  


  • Centralized planning
  • Task management 
  • Multi-channel publishing

Why use Workvivo?

With over a million users worldwide, this software simplifies communication among teams through live streams and instant messaging and drives engagement with public shout-outs and award nominations. Workvivo is the go-to tool for any company’s operational improvement and overall productivity. 


  • Personalized activity feed
  • Instant chat with integrated tools like Zoom
  • Crisis communications 

Why use Speakap?

This employee communications application is the only tool your company requires to ensure that your workforce is fully informed, completely engaged, and driven towards set goals. With Speakap, you can say goodbye to emails, phone calls, and bulletin boards when making important announcements or assigning tasks.


  • Personalized internal communications
  • Centralized dashboard with quick HR sync
  • Integration with other systems like

Why use Connecteam?

Trusted by over 30,000 companies all over the world, Connecteam is the software that ensures that every single member of the workforce is constantly updated and fully engaged. And this is possible even when they are not at their workspace via their communications hub. 


  • Personalized company newsfeed
  • Secure instant messaging
  • Feedback with actionable insights

Why use 15Five?

A favorite among business leaders, managers, and employees, this communications and collaboration platform tracks workers, their performance, and relationships with the rest of the team, ensuring that company-wide operations are maintained at optimum levels. 


  • Centralized data
  • Effectiveness reviews and surveys
  • Video and interactive training content 

Why use StaffCircle?

Achieving high performance is possible when companies focus on engaging and developing their employees. StaffCircle does this by allowing workers to get the information they need to accomplish their tasks in real-time and unifying their efforts so they can collaborate in full towards a single goal. 


  • Remote team connection
  • Automated performance management 
  • Skills alignment and role progression 

What is Employee Communications Software?

Employee communications software is a digital tool that benefits organizations as it facilitates seamless and efficient communication. Utilized by companies of all sizes and across industries, this connects employees, teams, and departments through real-time messaging, data sharing, and other means of collaboration. The program enables firms to boost employee engagement, morale, and overall organizational performance by simplifying communication channels and establishing a collaborative atmosphere.


Inadequate communication channels and a lack of real-time notifications create information silos, making it difficult for employees to make data-driven decisions for the company’s betterment. Worse, all these result in poor employee engagement, exacerbating the situation. Having the best employee communications software overcomes all these issues through the following:

  • Increases transparency – Since the software provides a centralized platform as a means to share relevant information, messages, and updates, communication barriers are broken down. Features like instant notifications, activity logs, and read receipts on mobile phones help ensure open communication.
  • Enhances collaboration – Improving how teams work, especially during problem-solving, increases productivity. Instantly connecting employees for quick discussions and updates is possible through real-time messaging and group chats, even when other team members are not on-site.
  • Improves employee participation – Open communication empowers workers, gives them ownership of their tasks and outcomes, and makes them work harder towards the company goal. Feedback surveys and social recognition also contribute to an encouraging and productive workplace.

Key Features

Comprehensive platforms for collaboration, project management, and industry-specific software usually include employee communication as a module or feature. Whether you choose that or a stand-alone application, it should have these features:

Selecting the Right Employee Communications Software

Before making your final choice, review the summary of all ten options described above to see which suits your company’s requirements best.

Employee Communications Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Slack Yes $7.25/user/month* Yes
Beekeeper No Contact for pricing Yes
Staffbase No Contact for pricing Yes
Workvivo No Custom quote Yes
Speakap No Contact for pricing Yes
Blink No $6.18/user/month Yes
Connecteam Yes $29/month* Yes
15Five No $16/user/month* Yes
StaffCircle No Contact for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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