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What is a Check-in Form?

A check-in form are forms commonly used to report the arrival of guests at a hotel, airport, clinic, and other facilities. A check-in form is a formal agreement between guests and the facility detailing information regarding their stay in the establishment.

What is a Hotel Check-in Form?

A hotel check-in form is a formal prerequisite for guests to sign on to confirm their stay in the hotel. Hotel check-in forms gather the necessary information from guests. Some check-in forms may showcase hotel services, recommend activities, and places of interest in the area. Check-in forms help ensure accountability on rooms occupied by the guests.

Check-in forms can also be used by hotel staff when preparing rooms for the guests. This form help verify ] if all items in the room are accounted for and are in good condition, and if the room underwent proper housekeeping. Conducting pre check-in inspections can help ensure the best experience and provide quality service for guests.

3 Tips for Efficient Hotel Check In Procedure

In hotel services, the check-in procedure is the most important part of the customer service journey. To provide them with excellent service, guests should feel welcomed, recognized and attended to. Their first impression is pivotal as it will affect how they view the rest of the services throughout their stay.

It is no secret for hospitality industries that the guests’ needs must always come first. In providing an exceptional customer service upon checking-in, hoteliers should consider the following:

Personalized Experience

Assigning a point person to greet your guests upon their arrival. Having a personalized experience allows guests to not only feel welcomed, but cared for which then increases hotel’s hospitality. Greeting guests and accommodating them upon arrival can also help guide guests where they need to go and what they need to do to check-in. Personal greetings will be essential for event planners, organizers, and big groups


One of the common complaints guests have are the traditional hotel check-in times. While these standard check-in times are favorable for hotel staff to make preparations for the accommodation, a flexible check-in time can do wonders for customer experience and may even boost hotel reviews. To do this, hoteliers can move around check-in times depending on season and customer behavior.

Remote Check-ins

Reduce or eliminate crowd build-up at the front desks, and guests waiting inlong lines for their check-in. Provide a seamless check-in procedure with a remote check-in option that is convenient This does not only help reduce waiting time, but it also helps provide guests a pleasing experience right off the bat. Below are some remote check-in options you can consider for your check-in experience:

  • Online check-in through a website portal or mobile app – pair it with a text message or push notifications feature to notify guests to check in on or before their day of arrival.
  • Pair remote check-in with mobile door keys – This will allow guests to skip waiting on the front desk and just go directly towards their rooms.
  • Self check-in kiosks – kiosks can allow guests to bypass the line and cut labor for hotels. In the event of groups arriving to check-in, self-check-in’s will fasten the process and allow hotels to allocate their front desk staff to handle the complicated group check-ins.


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