The Best Bar Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a mobile-friendly cloud-based app that allows businesses in the food and beverage industry to manage and conduct hassle-free bar inventory inspections and audits. With SafetyCulture’s app, checklists and templates are stored in the cloud and accessible offline, making it easy to access them anytime. It can help bars and restaurants ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, reduce risk, and improve productivity.


  • Conduct a bar inventory inspection using a pre-made checklist and report any issues you find
  • Address issues in-app and create corrective actions
  • Attach notes and media files to your checklists to prove compliance, non-compliance, and insufficient stocks
  • Heads Up your staff about important bar inventory updates
  • Keep track of inventory changes with analytical reports at every inspection

Why use Lavu?

Lavu is a system that enjoys a good reputation and is relied upon by many venues thanks to its dependability and comprehensive features. This point-of-sale solution, which operates on iPad devices, can facilitate mobile use by servers and reduce customer wait times. Lavu software provides control and oversight for bar operations, from employee management to inventory tracking.


  • Touch screen ordering
  • Customers can pay at the tableside
  • Supports eSignatures and electronic receipts
  • Perform inventory, labor, and sales reporting analysis
  • Keep track of sales in real-time

Why use Bizimply?

Keeping in touch with your employees is key to running a successful bar. Bizimply simplifies your daily operations and automates employee management. With this app, you will be able to track tasks completed, keep track of staff lateness, and keep track of shift changes.


  • Employees and managers will have access to both apps
  • Reduce payroll preparation time by creating timecards
  • Keep track of who’s working and who’s on break
  • Analyze sales figures after each shift
  • Assign tasks to the right employees to boost productivity

Why use Toast?

All types of restaurants and bars can benefit from Toast’s system. Besides offering contactless and remote payments, it provides tableside ordering and curbside pickup. These tools ensure a secure and efficient experience for your guests. Additionally, Toast provides management systems for behind-the-scenes operations. These tools enable you to track bar stock, manage multiple kitchen areas, and perform payroll processing internally.


  • Keep track of what your customers are ordering
  • Track the frequency with which customers visit your bar
  • Keep track of your customers’ spending

Why use Partender?

Partender provides businesses with inventory management and payment processing tools that enable them to streamline their operations. Its features allow real-time inventory management, reducing ordering and invoice processing time to 15 minutes. It makes stock level monitoring more efficient, particularly during peak periods such as holidays.


  • Easily generate inventory reports
  • Automate distributor-specific purchase orders
  • Generate reports on variances and shrinkage
  • Identify dead stock and optimize par levels by analyzing usage and trends over time
  • Unlimited inventory of alcoholic beverages

Why use TapHunter?

TapHunter is a cloud-based beverage marketing and program management solution for bar owners and managers. The software includes a centralized dashboard for menu creation and publishing, website and digital signage integration, reputation management and review monitoring, inventory tracking, and more for managing inventory, digital and print menus, and social media.


  • Maintain your website and social media accounts
  • Update and print your digital menu
  • Engage with loyal and new customers via popular platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Keep track of your inventory
  • POS system integration

Why use Craftable?

With Craftable, you can count inventory using your smartphone. The software allows you to scan and upload invoices, place orders from your suppliers, and track your invoices once the inventory is complete. Reports provided by the app allow you to calculate bar costs, sales, and profit margins.


  • Automate billing and invoicing
  • Kitchen/menu and inventory management
  • Online ordering and management
  • Supports reporting and analytics

Why use WineRatings+?

Finding the perfect wine for the occasion is now easier than ever with WineRatings+, an app-based wine review software by Wine Spectator. Perfect for wine-tasting establishments, this app offers an unbeatable selection and quality, thanks to handpicked wines by professional sommeliers. You can easily search for different notes in each type of wine to create a full selection.


  • Get access to 300,000 wine reviews with ratings, tasting notes, release prices, and current auction prices
  • Access over 10,000 collectible wine prices. Up-to-date auction prices are shown quarterly.
  • Easy sharing of your favorite wines and articles via Twitter and Facebook

Why use BevSpot?

BevSpot is an online app for businesses that handle alcoholic and food inventories. It includes many features, including tracking orders, analyzing sales data, and uncovering profits. The app lets you organize your liquor bottles based on their location on bar shelves, reducing your time managing your inventory.


  • Multi-device compatibility and shelf-matching
  • Automated ordering and invoicing
  • Directly integrates with some POS systems
  • Item costing and recipe builder
  • Upload images of invoices

Why use Glimpse?

Using video footage from your camera, Glimpse analyzes what drinks are moved across the bar and matches it with sales data. Doing this lets you quickly detect and address theft and non-compliance issues.


  • Data sent directly to your inbox, such as sales lost or at risk
  • Produce daily and monthly progress reports
  • Access to a web portal
  • Be notified of newly published reports
  • Analyze employee performance data

What is a Bar Management Software?

Bars and restaurants in the food and beverage industry are fast-paced and ever-evolving. Keeping track of assets, managing staff, and providing excellent customer service are challenges that bar and restaurant owners face daily. Fortunately, many software solutions available can help streamline operations and improve efficiency among peers in the industry.


Bar management software can benefit an establishment in many ways. Automated tasks like inventory and order processing can save time, reducing human error and lowering waste for higher profits. Data tracking and trends analysis helps inform menu, pricing, and promotion decisions. Additionally, employee scheduling and payroll management streamline operations and lessen administrative duties. In total, bar management software is helpful for bar owners or managers intending to increase efficiency, cut costs, and make informed decisions.

Key Features

Bar management software is valuable for bar owners and managers looking to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Here are some of the key features to look for when choosing a bar management software solution:

  • Inventory management
  • Sales reporting and analytics
  • Compliance management
  • POS integration
  • Mobile access
  • Data security

Choosing the Right Bar Management Software

Choosing the right application or software for managing your bar or restaurant assets. Many tools are included in these programs at different price points to meet your needs. Listed below are our top picks for bar management software to help you decide which works best for you:

Bar Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Web Version Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes Yes
Lavu No $59/month No Yes**
Bizimply No Contact pricing Yes Yes
Toast Yes $69/month Yes Yes***
Partender No $199/month Yes Yes
TapHunter No $49/month No Yes
Craftable No $99/month Yes Yes
WineRatings+ Yes $2.99/month** No Yes**
BevSpot No $199/month/account No Yes
Glimpse No $59/month No Yes

* billed annually
** supports iOS only
*** supports Android only
**** for additional features

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