The Best Hotel Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a hotel management software for hotels of all sizes. Hotel managers can use SafetyCulture for different tasks such as housekeeping, task scheduling, guest reservations, property management, and revenue tracking. 

Digitize your day-to-day workflow and experience efficiency like never before. Improve communication amongst hotel staff and inspectors and help them increase their work order completion rate. 

With SafetyCulture, hotel managers and their staff only need a mobile device to perform inspections. As an intuitive web-and-mobile solution for hotel room cleaning management, general hotel upkeep, and more, SafetyCulture can empower housekeeping team leaders, alongside the hotel manager and other staff, to improve work efficiency and prepare rooms that give the best first impression to hotel guests. Do away with paper-based methods and get rooms and food ready for guests faster. After these tasks, the app takes care of reporting and automatically sends comprehensive reports to the back office once the inspection is completed. 

SafetyCulture can also help managers make better strategic decisions with high-level operational insights by visualizing data from hotel room inspections. This way, they can take action on issues that matter the most and identify areas for improvement in the general hotel inspection workflow, whether upgrading personnel productivity or solving recurring inspection problems.  This app is best for all industries and all kinds and sizes of hotels.


  • Free customizable hotel management templates in the Public Library 
  • Option to attach photos, videos, and notes for proof of issues or compliance 
  • Problems can be reported by raising Issues, assigning specific corrective actions to certain staff, and creating a Heads Up, so everyone is aware 
  • Integrations with Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and more 
  • Offline work is possible with immediate syncing to the cloud once the internet is restored
  • Available on web, Android, and iOS devices
  • Scannable QR codes for faster inspections 
  • Templates and completed checklist reports can be shared via weblink, Word, or PDF formats

Why use ZEN Hospitality?

ZEN Hospitality Solutions is an all-in-one hotel management software and Property Management System (PMS) that allows managers to view and control all their housekeeping tasks, guest bookings, front office operations, and payments. This hotel management software also lets hotel owners and managers create a website for their business or improve their existing one. This app is best for large-scale hospitality enterprises.


  • Automated pricing system and revenue calculator
  • Real-time updates for inventories 
  • Dedicated hotel restaurant management features 
  • Built-in manager for guest ratings and reviews

Why use ALICE ?

The ALICE hotel management software focuses on improving communication between hotel staff to better serve their customers. In the process, ALICE aims to reduce the need for guessing among hotel staff, increase accountability, and improve productivity with real-time room assignments and updates, in-app chat rooms with guests, custom workflows for room service and deliveries, and an easy way to call for maintenance workers.  This app is best used by managers who want to improve overall communication.


  • Automate hotel text messages for guests to inform them of their check-in and check-out dates
  • Assign the dedicated in-app services accordingly for workers at the front desk, in the backrooms, and those in charge of tasks such as delivery, engineering, and maintenance
  • Track and maintain hotel assets and schedule maintenance as needed

Why use Little Hotelier?

Little Hotelier is an operations platform for small properties. This hotel management software aims to help hotel managers understand their markets better as they slowly grow their revenue, increase their brand awareness, and improve their finance and accounting records.  This app is best for small hotels.


  • Promote one’s hotels through advanced metasearch tools to ensure it is featured to the right people who are ready to book 
  • Connect to over 450 booking channels 
  • Use one calendar for all events and tasks all around the hotel
  • Process payments inside the software

Why use Hoteliga?

Hoteliga is a cloud-based hotel management software that can be integrated with third-party Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for a more efficient way of gaining customers and improving their own processes. This software also provides real-time management and coordination of partnerships with stakeholders, housekeeping, financial management, invoicing, and hotel layout customization.  This app is best for hotels that often entertain guests from other countries.


  • Multilingual and multi-currency support 
  • Separate booking engine that can be used by hotel managers for a wider reach
  • More than 170 currencies supported

Why use eZee Frontdesk?

The eZee Frontdesk hotel management software and PMS is catered toward improving hotel front desk operations and management. With eZee Frontdesk, hotel managers can manage all client-facing aspects of their hotel, such as their booking system, the extra charges incurred by a guest, housekeeping, and their partner travel agencies. This app is best for managing front desk and client-facing operations.


  • Automatically compute additional seasonal charges and taxes 
  • Sort inventories and watch changes reflect in records in real-time
  • View available rooms and occupancy levels at a glance
  • Manage hotel kitchen and delivery issues even when far from the kitchen

Why use RoomRaccoon?

RoomRaccoon is a solutions platform designed by hotel owners to increase their establishments’ profitability alongside their customers’ satisfaction. This hotel management software is best for independent hotels and also aims to increase direct bookings via the hotel’s site while working as a general PMS. 


  • Integrated customizable booking engine
  • Online check-in for guests
  • Built-in channel manager and website builder

Why use Hotelogix?

The goal of the Hotelogix hotel management software is to streamline operations efficiently as the basis of all hotel work. Hotelogix offers a single platform for managers to view all hotel operations, such as front desk work, housekeeping, and in-house restaurant management. This app is best used by managers who want to connect with different third-party services.


  • Online distribution system for better management and distribution of available rooms
  • Integrations for OTA and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) for better marketing 
  • Connections to different review platforms to keep track of guest reviews

Why use LS Retail?

LS Retail is a hotel management software that also works as a restaurant management software solution. Managers can use LS Retail not only to manage their hotel operations and housekeeping tasks, but also use it to improve their in-house restaurants. This app is best for managing hotel restaurants.


  • Mobile Point of Sale (POS) terminals are available 
  • Real-time sending of orders from POS to kitchen 
  • Dashboard for managing table orders, deliveries, and billing statuses

Why use EdApp?

EdApp is a learning management system that also works as hotel management software. Hotel managers can use EdApp to train hotel staff on hotel management using EdApp’s dedicated hotel management courses or edit them as they see fit. Managers can also create their own courses specific to the hotel’s needs. This app is best for training hotel staff on management tasks and standards.


  • Convert existing PowerPoint presentations into courses
  • Support mobile use and blended learning 
  • Translate content into over 100 languages as necessary
  • Download courses for offline use

What is a Hotel Management Software?

A hotel management software, also known as a hotel management system, is a digital tool used by hotel managers to help maintain and manage hotel operations. This software can also help with housekeeping, hotel restaurant management, and other relevant functions. Hotel management software is designed specifically for hotels but similar to other property management systems, it is maximized for the smooth operation of hospitality accommodations and commercial rental properties.

What is The Role of Software Applications in Hotel Operations?

Running and managing a hotel involves interaction with many different key staff members and stakeholders, which can be hard to maintain manually. For this reason, having hotel management software slowly became a necessity for many. Hotel management software today helps streamline operations, automate tasks, replace paperwork, and improve communication among staff members, giving managers more time and control over more important tasks. 

There are many different kinds of hotel management software to address specific types of hotels, tasks, and goals. Regardless, however, it should be versatile enough and easy to use by anyone that can use it. 

A good hotel management software or any other property management system should then have the following features:

  • Mobile and web support
  • Real-time reflection of changes 
  • Analytics to help visualize data
  • Different ways to contact different staff members
  • Issue-reporting functions 
  • Integrations with third-party productivity tools

With the right hotel management software, hotel managers can improve their staff’s performance, better serve their guests, and increase their profit. 

This sentiment is echoed by Julia Schamme, Accor Hotel Manager at Dubai Al Barsha, who believes that using such software has improved their lives greatly. 

“We take little actions for guests without them expecting it or asking for it. Be it noticing the toothpaste is empty when servicing the room or seeing that the child liked pancakes yesterday and serving them pancakes at breakfast today.”

By using hotel management software, not only have they reduced their time on paperwork but also have improved their customer service and problem-solving capabilities as they raised their Reputation Performance Score (RPS). They were able to track their progress as a business and evaluate the different aspects of their hotel as they went along.

Watch their video here:

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