Property Management System

A comprehensive property management guide to ensure efficiency and safety of workers, and maintain the operating condition of the property

Sistema de gestión de la propiedad

What is a Property Management System?

A property management system is a tool used to aid the day-to-day operation of a property manager that includes property monitoring, inspection, and maintenance. It helps ensure the safety of customers and employees, and preserve the value of the property. It can be used in different industries including hospitality, retail, and real estate.

Why is a Property Management System Important?

A property management system can help proactively capture and correct issues such as potential health and safety violations, property damage, and other maintenance problems before they result in costly liabilities. It can also help

  • prevent diminished living conditions and property value;
  • eliminate serious health risks and poor living conditions for the occupants;
  • avoid costly repairs; and
  • prevent regulatory violations.

Property Management System for Different Industries

Property management involves various tasks that are crucial to the business. Every property manager is required to carry out property inspections to ensure properties are up to code and meet certain building requirements. Property management software is useful in different industries.


A hotel property management system can help hoteliers in facilitating management and administrative tasks. It can be used to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards to provide highly satisfactory services. A hotel checklist helps inspect and improve the quality of hotel amenities and services. It aids in providing an excellent level of service to increase customer loyalty, gather positive reviews, and improve hotel ratings.

A bird’s eye view of the hotel operation is a strategic approach to keeping a successful business. Performing regular property inspections can help identify service quality gaps to ensure compliance with hotel standards and procedures. SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) as hotel property management software can help hotel managers in monitoring the day-to-day hotel operation. Here are some of the hotel property management checklists that can be used according to hotel property needs.

Comprehensive Hotel Checklist

A comprehensive hotel checklist is a tool used by hotel managers to inspect the property including hotel structure, facilities, and employees. It helps ensure hotel areas are clean, safe, and operational. It aids in monitoring employees if they undergo proper hotel training and are complying with good hygiene standards.

Hotel Check-in Form

A hotel check-in form is used by front desk personnel as a formal prerequisite for guests to receive their keys or access card for the booked rooms. It helps provide a seamless check-in procedure to efficiently keep an account of check-in information including room number, guest information details, and duration of stay. This form also features a check-out section on the second page to ensure that the staff performs the standard checks needed for checking-out.

COVID-19 Hotel Safety & Security Inspection Checklist

The global COVID-19 pandemic creates an enormous impact on businesses around the world. In order to be prepared, this COVID-19 hotel safety and security inspection checklist would help hoteliers to protect the community from the further spread of the virus. It is designed to inspect the hotel’s security measures, safety precautions against fire, room security, and COVID-19 preventive practices based on World Health Organization (WHO) standards.


A real estate management system is a tool used to manage the overall operational activities and transactions between real estate professionals and prospective buyers. It is designed to assist professional home inspectors in performing house audits to assess the physical condition of a property or building. A real estate checklist helps facilitate a simpler, fairer, and timely sales process for both proprietor and buyer.

Real estate transactions often become complex due to redundant forms and an inefficient paper-based workflow. With SafetyCulture as a property inspection app, professionals can utilize real estate checklists to simplify transactions and deliver the best experience for their clients. To get started, here are real estate property checklists that are ready to use and customize according to real estate property needs.

Property Inspection Checklist

Property inspection is often done either before, during, or after tenancy to ensure properties are maintained in tip-top condition. A property inspection checklist is used by landlords to help assess the condition of facilities including structure, interior and exterior surfaces, heating, electrical, and ventilation systems.

Real Estate Listing Checklist

A real estate listing checklist is used by listing agents when a property is about to be advertised for sale. It is a straightforward outline that guides the selling agent on the tasks that need to be accomplished to ensure there is enough information gathered for pre-listing, listing, marketing, and closing of the property.

FHA Home Inspection Checklist

An FHA home inspection checklist is used by HUD-approved property appraisers to thoroughly inspect the entire property if it complies with the regulatory standards. It helps assess the exterior and interior structure of the house, electrical, ventilation, and plumbing systems if it needs replacement or repair.

HQS Inspection Form

An HQS inspection form is the document used by inspectors from the Office of Public and Indian Housing to verify if a unit meets the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP). This inspection form is used to streamline the HQS process from all areas of the property to the heating, plumbing, and general health and safety of the unit.

Real Estate Transaction Checklist

A real estate transaction checklist is a tool used by transaction coordinators, realtors, and escrow officers to ensure that all parties are in compliance with contractual obligations. It helps record the agreement between buyer and seller including requirements and deadlines to avoid a breach of contracts that can result in lengthy court battles and costly lawsuits.

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Inspection and maintenance for commercial properties include a major focus on areas such as risk management, maintenance, and tenant satisfaction. A commercial property inspection is necessary to avoid property damage that can lead to building deterioration and low-value property. Performing building maintenance would help ensure the safety of occupants and the building condition of the property.

Facility teams can perform regular checks on roofing, HVAC, lighting, electrical, exterior and interior, and plumbing of buildings with the following ready to use commercial property management checklists.

Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist

A commercial building maintenance checklist helps ensure the roofing, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, and electrical systems function properly and remain safe and operational, even after severe storms. It can be used by facility managers to assess the facility and record property damages to mitigate the risk immediately.

Property Inspection Checklist Template (Apartment)

Property managers can use this apartment inspection checklist when performing a move-in inspection with the tenant. This would help record the overall condition of the apartment upon moving in to compare with the moving-out report after the tenancy period.

Rental Inspection Checklist

A rental inspection checklist is used by landlords or property managers to assess the condition of rental properties. It is used to find areas that need actions including cleaning maintenance, damage repairs, or replacements.

Get Started with SafetyCulture as Property Management Software

Property management can be cumbersome and inefficient if responsibilities are still done with traditional pen and paper forms. Join other property managers who use SafetyCulture to take care of their day-to-day responsibilities. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or hospitality industries, comply with all inspections and audits that come with property management, create hassle-free work orders for your contractors to address issues in the property, submit reports on time all the time that include photos for better context, and never worry about losing another document.

Property Management Training Software

With Training by SafetyCulture, a powerful property management training tool used by real estate companies, you can use the data you’ve collected over time with SafetyCulture to optimize the performance of your employees and improve your property management processes. With EdApp as your property management training software, you can efficiently train your staff using more engaging training tools and keep them up to speed with any changes that need to be immediately implemented.

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