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Published 24 Nov 2021

A real estate form is a type of document or questionnaire used by brokers and realtors for collecting information in relation to the real estate in their portfolio. A good real estate document should allow potential buyers to provide information such as viewing dates, amenities and property styles, and other important buyer information. These forms can range from legal documents to property listing forms. The information from real estate forms depends on the broker but there are numerous templates available online.

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Property Information Form | Download Checklist

This article will talk about the following:

Why Real Estate Forms are Important

Real estate agents benefit from using real estate forms to lessen the hassle of managing properties. Utilizing real estate forms are important when making a sale or rental since it helps you ensure that all property and buyer information are covered and appropriately filled out. This will allow you to work efficiently and promptly submit documentary requirements especially for legal real estate forms such as agreements, contracts, permits, and other documents. Another advantage of real estate forms is that there are many available tools and templates online. This saves real estate agents from the hassle of planning what information they need which can also prevent missing out on other details. Potential buyers prefer a well organized real estate form instead of manually writing down their information which can help with broker and buyer relationship.

When to use a Real Estate Form

A real estate form should be utilized all throughout the sales or rental process. This is also a guide for the broker to know what plan they can implement to make a sale. This ensures smooth transaction for the realtor, owner, and buyer by having recorded forms and documents present. Real estate forms can be used as a binding document to prevent arguments between the parties from escalating. 

App for Property Assessment

iAuditor by SafetyCulture is a software program that lets you create digital forms that is tailored to your needs. Being in the real estate industry, there is a lot of forms and other types of documents involved when making a sale or renting out a property. These documents could pile up especially for paper-based forms. To help you manage your real estate forms, utilizing an app such as iAuditor will expedite the process of creating, writing, and collating your documents. The features of this application will eliminate the need for additional printed forms and enable you to spend more time on more important matters. 


  • Smart Forms – create and customize unlimited forms. iAuditor also allows you to convert existing real estate documents into a digital form. The real estate forms can also be scheduled, notifications will be sent to your mobile devices.
  • Forms library –  have access to 100,000 free downloadable forms. These forms can also be edited according to your requirements. 
  • Data Sync – Copies of your real estate forms will be available across multiple devices and to all users in your organization. These are automatically saved via Cloud Syncing. Internet access is required for this feature but the forms could still be filled out without it and will only be synced once internet connection is regained. 
  • Fast reporting – experience real-time data collection and detailed analytics.
  • Integrations –  integrate other softwares or applications you use with iAuditor
  • Web platform – the benefit of having a web platform instead of a downloaded software is having access anywhere and saving storage space on your computer. This platform is constantly updated to allow smooth user experience.

SafetyCulture staff writer

Sare Hawes