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What is a Real Estate Form?

A real estate form is a type of document or questionnaire used by brokers and realtors for collecting information in relation to the real estate in their portfolio. A good real estate document should allow potential buyers to provide information such as viewing dates, amenities and property styles, and other important buyer information. These forms can range from legal documents to property listing forms. The information from real estate forms depends on the broker but there are numerous templates available online.

Why Real Estate Forms are Important

Real estate agents benefit from using real estate forms to lessen the hassle of managing properties. Utilizing real estate forms is important when making a sale or rental since it helps you ensure that all property and buyer information is covered and appropriately filled out. This will allow you to work efficiently and promptly submit documentary requirements, especially for legal real estate forms such as agreements, contracts, permits, and other documents. Another advantage of real estate forms is that there are many available tools and templates online. This saves a real estate agent the hassle of planning what information they need which can also prevent missing out on other details. Potential buyers and property sellers prefer a well-organized real estate form instead of manually writing down their information which can help with broker and buyer relationships.

When to use a Real Estate Form

A real estate form should be utilized all throughout the sales or rental process. This is also a guide for the real estate business and broker to know what plan they can implement to make a sale. This ensures smooth transaction for the realtor, owner, and buyer by having recorded forms and documents present. Real estate forms can be used to negotiate and can serve as a binding document to prevent arguments between the parties from escalating. 

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Property Information Form
This template is used by realtors to send out to their clients. The major difference between this and the previous real estate form is that the owner or developer of the property is in charge of filling out the form or sending out the information. Brokers won’t have to physically go to them or to the property to collect information, just send the form and wait for it to be accomplished.
Planning Application Form
This real estate form is helpful to keep track of required documents for the property and to make sure that the sale or rental will be able to push through. Brokers can use this template to organize documents per property in their portfolio.
Property Inspection Report Form
This template should be utilized when conducting property inspections before and after a showing. By using this alongside SafetyCulture, the inspection reports will be saved and can be viewed through the platforms. The app’s data analytics can help you check a property’s repetitive issues and create actions to fix problems in the property. This can also notify the owner or developer of the property quickly and prevent brokers from paying damages.