Best Mold Inspection Apps of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a cloud-based mold inspection app you can use to move away from the tedious process of paper-based mold inspections that are inconsistent, illegible, and inefficient. Level up your mold inspection process with SafetyCulture, which allows you to collect data, standardize operations, and more. See mold issues on the fly and provide resolution immediately with SafetyCulture’s flagged items and Collaborative Actions feature. Empower your coworkers to proactively act on mold formations to prevent infestations.

To do this, create a checklist with SafetyCulture, and use its smart form-building tools to get you started. You can also use premade templates from the Public Library, or convert any existing Word, Powerpoint, and Excel templates you might have into the SafetyCulture format. 

In the process, you can also use SafetyCulture to improve your business. Check and monitor the mold inspections performed by your team across sites with SafetyCulture’s analytics feature. Get a pulse on frequently failed items, performance scores, completion rates, and other data that matter to drive your business forward.


  • Report problems as you see them by raising Issues, assigning Actions to specific staff, or by providing a Heads Up to your team
  • Automate responses and schedule inspections as you see fit
  • Work anytime and anywhere with SafetyCulture’s offline support, which syncs up your data with the cloud once an internet connection is available 
  • Integrate SafetyCulture to business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint, and more
  • Connect sensors and data feeds to your checklists to monitor the temperature of your items to prevent or control mold growth
  • Export your templates and completed checklists in a webpage format, or a PDF or Word file

Why Use Sporecaster?

Sporecaster is a mold inspection app meant for farmers working with soybean. Using Sporecaster, farmers can make better decisions regarding white mold in their products, along with other business concerns.


  • Can help with deciding when is the best time to spray fungicides 
  • Site-specific risk values generated to predict chances of mold
  • GPS integration to determine if the weather is favorable for the development of mold

Why Use Airthings Wave?

Airthings is an air quality monitoring system that offers a wide range of sensors to monitor air quality. As a mold inspection app, Airthings Wave, the mobile app for all Airthings products, examines the air quality for any chance of mold growth along with other possible contaminants. Mold risk findings are relayed in the app with a simple risk indicator. 


  • Dedicated sensors for home and work use
  • Graphs to show mold risk increasing or decreasing
  • Certified by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists/National Radon Proficiency Program (AARST-NRPP) and the National Radon Safety Board for the North America

Why Use Virtual Mold Inspection?

In Canada, you can contact a professional mold inspector through the Virtual Mold Inspection app. You can use the app  toget in touch with different mold experts based on your needs and problems. 


  • Mold experts are trained according to the standards of the US National Association of Mold Professionals 
  • Results can be used as the basis for calling a mold inspector to your home 
  • The mold experts you come in contact with can help with mold inspection, testing, remediation, and ventilation

Why Use Sensio Air?

A general air pollutant inspection app you can use is Sensio Air. This app can identify mold, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander in the air with the help of its complementary sensor. Using it as a  mold inspection app, Sensio Air can help prevent respiratory diseases, and reduce biological threats, rashes, and other health hazards. 


  • Provides tips on dealing with mold based on expert recommendation
  • Identifies different types of mold such as Alternaria, aspergillus, and Cladosporium with its library of biological particles 
  • Notifies you if allergen or mold levels are increasing
  • Helps farmers with identifying mold on crops

Why Use NORMI?

The NORMI mold inspection app was created by the US National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) to help provide information on mold identification and related laws. This app can be used by anyone as it has information on molds for the general public, but it can also be used for training professionals who want to get into the industry. 


  • Library for mold-related laws
  • Resources for continuing education on mold inspection and similar occupations
  • Access to NORMI TV, also known as TheNORMIchannel, for more information

Why Use EdApp?

EdApp by SafetyCulture is a learning management system that can be used to educate more people about mold inspection and identification. EdApp can be used as a mold inspection app through its engaging courses on how to inspect, identify, and address molds, as they are prone to outbreaks in both homes and offices. You can also choose to create your own courses that can suit your needs and workflows, or convert your existing PowerPoint lessons into the EdApp format.


  • Gamification of lessons for a more engaging learning experience
  • Editable course templates 
  • Analytical reports and leaderboards available to view personal and team progress on a course
  • All content can be translated to 100+ languages with the help of Artificial Intelligence

What is a Mold Inspection App?

A mold inspection app is designed to create a seamless mold inspection process. Monitor and manage a property’s condition and keep it in tip-top shape with a mold inspection app to eliminate the busy work and immediately see and act on mold formations to prevent costly infestations.

Importance of Mold Inspection Apps

For years, many industries have been using pens, paper forms, and a camera in performing inspections. The process required data entry, with a staff member completing inspections and another typing data into spreadsheets, reports, or other workflow systems. 

However, paper inspections and reports had the tendency to be inconsistent, and intuition can be misleading with different inspectors describing problems in different ways. This is a big issue, especially for those in mold treatment and removal, which are both reliant on how information is relayed. Legibility also played a major role, significantly affecting the quality of information. There’s also that possibility of losing paper forms as they get moved around a lot from certified inspector to data entry clerk to manager or filing cabinet.

With today’s technological advances, businesses, building inspectors, and mold professionals have an option to steer away from the aforementioned impediments of using paper workflows in their inspections. With a mobile mold inspection app, people can now perform inspections faster and more consistently. Property managers will now be able to monitor and manage properties anytime, anywhere.

See how mold inspections are made easy with a mold inspection app:

Using an Inspection Template

Not all mold inspection apps come with templates to kickstart the inspection and treatment processes. A template can be very useful though, especially for those that help with inspections directly. So if you have the option to use one, start raising your inspection game with a template. Choose an app that gives you the choice of either converting your existing forms, adopting a premade template, or creating one from scratch. 

When you build your own template, you can customize the way your inspection template works. Add logic to remove the guesswork and help your team provide the exact answers you need. Set different types of responses to specific questions. You can choose from text fields, checkboxes, multiple-choice questions, and more. You can also attach instructions on your inspection templates and reference photos to guide your team during crucial inspections. 

Conducting the Inspection

For maximum efficiency, your chosen mold inspection app should ideally be available on both tablets and phones. Having an app that works on any mobile device can increase productivity, allow for more flexibility, and promote a seamless workflow, as things will be stored in a cloud for easier access anywhere. 

A mold inspection can be done in many ways. You can simply point out points of concern, or walk around and visually inspect the property for more mold formations. After, take pictures within the app and provide annotations if needed, and attach them to your inspection template. You can also add notes to inspection items and assign corrective actions if needed offline. Once you’re through with all the inspection items, sign off with an electronic signature that also captures the time and date stamp.

Generating Reports

With a digital mold inspection app, you can say goodbye to manual report generation and filing cabinets. Find an app where once you complete an inspection, a report is automatically generated, which can be instantly shared with the right people via email. With this kind of mold inspection app, reports are also saved and secured in your account for you to access whenever needed.

Comparison Table

Here is a quick summary of the best mold inspection apps out there today:

Mold Inspection App Best For Free Version? Pricing
SafetyCulture All industries and general mold management Yes, for teams with ten members or less Starts at $19 a month with a free 30 day trial. 
Sporecaster Soybean farmers or businessmen in the field of soybean farming Free N/A
Airthings Wave Preventing mold  The app is free, but the sensors are not Sensors start at $79.
Virtual Mold Inspection Consulting experts about mold  Virtual inspection and consultation are free Pricing for mold treatment will depend on your needs.
Sensio Air Identifying and tracking mold  The app is free, but the sensors are not The home Air Care Kit, which contains the sensors, starts at $299.
NORMI  Professionals and those who want to know more remediators and mold inspectors  Free N/A
EdApp by SafetyCulture All industries that want to learn more about molds Free version available but with limitations Starts at $2.95 per user per month. 
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