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Building maintenance checklists help building maintenance supervisors oversee the upkeep of their facilities. These checklists are used to document the operational conditions of facilities including roofing, HVAC, lighting, electrical, exterior and interior areas, plumbing and more. These checklists can aid facility maintenance teams in proactively catching issues through regular inspections before they turn into costly problems. However, paper-based building maintenance checklists are unproductive and can lead to key issues not being reported or acted upon in a timely manner.

iAuditor, the world’s most powerful inspection mobile app can help you perform paperless building maintenance inspections and report on issues immediately. Urgent repair and maintenance work can be assigned on the spot and you’ll receive status updates on the jobs you delegate. Never miss another scheduled maintenance check and get notified if inspections are about to begin. Easily spot all inspections completed and not completed by accessing one platform.

We have created 3 best practice building maintenance checklists which you can download and customize for free and use on the iAuditor mobile app.

3 Featured Digital Building Maintenance Checklists

1. Workplace Building Preventive Maintenance Checklist

You can use this building maintenance checklist when doing scheduled inspections of the workplace’s lighting, electrical, safety, HVAC, plumbing, and building interior/exterior. If you spot problems or anything that needs repair, you can immediately assign tasks to the appropriate team or personnel using iAuditor even while your maintenance check is ongoing and receive updates on the status of the delegated work.

2. Building Repair and Maintenance Form

You can use this form to enter all the issues you find during your weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or ad-hoc checks. Begin by clicking the “Add” button and enumerate and describe all the issues you find. You can take photos to be included in your reports. Assign tasks for urgent issues you find and delegate to the appropriate personnel, set the severity, and due date. You can schedule maintenance checks and cascade the tasks with fellow facilities maintenance team members.

3. Building Maintenance Template

This building maintenance checklist template includes checks for the roofing together with the building’s lighting, HVAC, and plumbing. You can view the history of completed preventive maintenance checks. iAuditor templates are 100% customizable to suit your business needs.

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