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Stay on top of real estate duties using a property inspection app that can help you efficiently oversee commercial properties.

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Published January 19th, 2021

What is a Property Inspection App?

A property inspection app is a mobile application used by property managers to visually inspect the condition of rental or commercial properties. Property inspection apps, also called property inspection software, help ensure that managed real estate is safe and well-maintained. It is also used in compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Property Inspection App

Property Inspection App: iAuditor

This article will briefly discuss the following:

Why Use a Property Inspection App?

A property inspection app is useful for property managers to proactively catch and correct issues such as potential health and safety violations, property damage, and other maintenance problems before they result in costly liabilities. A commercial property inspection app such as iAuditor by SafetyCulture can be downloaded on Android or your iPad for free.

Benefits of Using a Property Inspection App

Using a free property inspection app like iAuditor can help you save time and energy in taking and attaching photos then drafting and printing out documents because professional reports can be automatically created and sent to assigned stakeholders the moment property walkthroughs are done.

As a tool to help maintain real estate, taking advantage of a fast and inexpensive property inspection app enables property managers to catch main issues and also experience these benefits:

Efficiently detect signs of property damage

A property inspection app to catch and address property damage

A property inspection app to catch and address property damage

Regular inspections using a rental property inspection app can proactively catch and address property damage before they get worse and more costly to fix. Periodic checks conducted for parts of the property such as roof inspections and maintenance of property grounds can help keep the property in good, livable, conditions that are compliant with regulations. Neglect or lack of property inspections may lead to diminished living conditions and property value.

Effectively control health and safety risks

A property inspection app to catch and address health & safety risks

A property inspection app to catch and address health & safety risks

A mismanaged property can result in serious health risks and poor living conditions for the occupants. If left unchecked, a property’s poorly maintained HVAC can harbor Legionella bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease. Damaged cables, lighting, and fixtures are fire hazards (and costly penalties) waiting to happen.

Free Property Inspection App: iAuditor

Property managers have a huge responsibility to maintain the safety and good condition of properties. As a property inspection software or home inspection software, iAuditor by SafetyCulture can help property managers find and correct safety issues and mitigate property damage. With the iAuditor app, you can:

  • Never miss another scheduled property inspection

    Using the scheduling feature of iAuditor, you can set notifications and receive reminders when an inspection is due. On the inspection day, iAuditor will have the pre-selected checklist ready for the inspection.

  • Complete property inspection reports quickly and easily

    After downloading iAuditor for free on your mobile device, you can immediately start with your property inspections. You can take photos, create notes, assign tasks, and easily file and submit inspection reports anytime anywhere.

  • Download or create your own inspection checklists and templates

    You can make your own inspection checklist or select from the templates we created below for you. All iAuditor templates are free to download and you can even customize them to fit the needs of your business.

  • Enjoy convenient recordkeeping

    After each inspection, you can easily share a link for your web report or send a PDF to your organization or client. Each report can be customized with your company branding, creating professional reports within seconds

  • Try the iAuditor property inspection app for free

    Sign up for a free 30 day trial. It’s really that simple.


Erick Brent Francisco

SafetyCulture staff writer

As a staff writer for SafetyCulture, Erick is interested in learning and sharing how technology can improve work processes and workplace safety. Prior to SafetyCulture, Erick worked in logistics, banking and financial services, and retail.