Digital Home Inspection Checklists

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A home inspection checklist is a tool used by home inspectors to assess the physical condition of a property. It identifies any actual or potential structural issues and damage. Performing home inspections help property owners foresee areas that need urgent repairs.

A home inspection checklist commonly involves a visual examination of four key parts of a property:

  • Structural: ceilings, roof, walls, windows, door frames, foundation etc.
  • Rooms: bathrooms, kitchen, interior rooms etc.
  • Grounds: yard, driveways, landscaping, drainage, common areas etc.
  • Utilities: heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, etc.
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Property inspectors often rely on paper home inspection forms and tedious data re-entry and photo uploads to generate their final reports. Using a digital home inspection app like iAuditor can help inspectors complete their inspections on their mobile device and generate reports instantly.

iAuditor is the world’s #1 inspection app and can be used to conduct property inspections on a mobile device on-site. Take unlimited photos of the property, capture annotations and notes and instantly send reports to clients.

We have created 4 digital home inspection checklists you can download for free and get started with using in iAuditor. All checklists are fully customizable and can be used on all mobile devices.

4 Digital Home Inspection Checklists

1. General Home Inspection Checklist

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You can use this home inspection checklist when doing a visual check of the entire property. Inspect the grounds, structure, exterior, roof, windows, doors, interior, rooms, crawl space, heating/cooling system, electrical, plumbing, and other sections of the home. Complete the inspection with your comments and other observations about the property and affix your digital signature. You can generate iAuditor reports in different file formats depending on your need.

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2. Home Inspection Form

Use this home inspection form to inspect for home landscaping, driveway, exterior, sewage system, structure and basement, heating and cooling systems, water system, electrical system, individual rooms, and garage. Document a comprehensive home inspection report using this form template and by adding photos and detailed notes.

3. Property Inspection Checklist

A property inspection checklist is a tool that serves as a guide of areas or things landlords need to inspect. Property inspections are often done either before, during and after tenancy to ensure that properties are maintained in tip top condition. Failure to perform regular property inspections can likely cause accidents, costly repairs for property damages and getting sued by tenants.

4. House Inspection Checklist

This house inspection checklist is used by property owners in conducting walkthrough inspection of the property. This checklist includes checking of exteriors, roof, interior, fireplace, garage and yard. It also assesses whether house features are good, average or in need of repair.