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Roof Safety Checklists

Roof safety inspection checklists can help you identify hazards and implement controls before and while working on a roof. Get started by downloading this collection of free roof safety templates to use during your pre-start safety inspections, toolbox talks and equipment checks. Learn here about how to identify common rooftop hazards and safety tips you can follow.

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Roofing Pre Start Safety Inspection

Use this template before commencing work on a roof. Begin with describing and capturing photos of the work to be performed and workers on site. Check permits, weather conditions, roof safety equipment, signage and proper PPE before employees start work. Confirm workers have undergone training and are informed about communication protocols. Assess the condition of access, walkways and guard rails. Identify potential openings which could cause slips and fatal falls. Finally conclude the inspection with an overall rating and recommendation if employees should proceed with work or not.

Roofing Harness Checklist

Use this template to guarantee that your roofing harness is in good condition before use. Begin by checking the identification and intended usage of the harness you are inspecting. Thoroughly inspect each part of the harness and its connections. Make sure to check the label of each to identify the type of harness, model, manufacturing details, limitations and warnings. Finish the inspection by providing an overall rating and condition of the roofing harness.

Roofing Safety Toolbox Talk

Toolbox Talks are intended to facilitate health and safety discussions. This toolbox talk template can be used before employees start working on roof. Record all the necessary details, instructions, communication protocols and tasks to be performed by your team. Discuss the hazards associated with work for the day and follow up on previous unresolved hazards. Have all participating employees sign off on the iAuditor app. Browse for other toolbox talk templates

PPE Checklist

Choosing the right roof safety equipment can lessen the possibility of falling, slipping and tripping when working on roofs. Use this template to select the appropriate PPE by identifying hazards that may get in contact with body parts. Begin with describing the hazard, then select the suitable PPE, check the quality of PPE and take photo evidence. End the inspection by providing a summary and recommendation of the PPE being used.

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