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A property management software is a digital tool designed to help property managers perform their duties, including maintenance, monitoring, and operation of real estate property. This software can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial properties being rented or leased to civilians, businesses, or factories. Good property management raises the value of the asset and keeps tenants safe and satisfied.

Ensure the safety and quality condition of your properties by using the iAuditor Property Management Software for your property inspections.
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Quick and efficient property upkeep

No more walking around with a pen and paper during property inspections. Automate your inspection forms with our easy drag-and-drop template builder and empower your workers in the field to complete inspections using a mobile device or tablet. Once finished, the iAuditor Property Management Software can instantly generate reports and share them with clients or other relevant personnel. Enjoy the luxury of automatic reporting and hassle-free data storage with iAuditor by SafetyCulture.

Streamline your process with your EHS software

Proactive work order management

Provide corrective measures or preventive measures inside or outside of inspections. With iAuditor’s collaborative actions feature, teams are able to escalate issues by assigning actions. Provide context to actions by attaching photos and notes. Mark how critical an issue is, set a due date, and notify a designated team member to resolve problems before they worsen.

Valuable insights via analytics

Keep tabs on your properties’ conditions anytime, anywhere. Get an overall view of inspection results in one online dashboard. Track valuable data such as failed items, frequency of inspections, and others to help you improve your business.

Top 3 Property Inspections Every Property Manager Must Know

Every property manager is required to carry out property inspections to ensure properties are up to code and meet certain building requirements. Performing regular property inspections will not only determine the structural integrity of a building but also give property managers the opportunity to correct any structural issues in a timely manner to protect their assets. Property inspections also help you do the following:

  • Document property condition.
  • Check and improve owner liability.
  • Avoid deferred maintenance.
  • Validate insurance policies.
  • Increase tenant retention.

To maximize the benefits of property inspections, property managers should consider these 3 types:

  1. Building maintenance inspections
    This type of inspection covers areas such as roofing, HVAC, lighting, electrical, exterior and interior, and plumbing of buildings. Building maintenance inspections should be performed regularly to avoid upkeep problems that can lead to operation costs and violations to city and state regulations.

  2. Move-in & move-out inspections
    These inspections are performed to review and document the property condition before and after tenant’s residency. It will examine the overall condition of the property by thoroughly checking every aspect of the property, taking note of potential damages such as scratches/marks on walls or floors, holes in ceiling or walls, damaged window sills, door frames, etc. This is performed to ensure accountability on damages found during the inspection.

  3. Third-party inspections
    Prospective buyers have a legal right to request for this type of inspection before purchasing new property. Property managers can either employ third-party inspectors or carry it out on their own if they offer the service. Third-party inspections can be one of the following:

A good property management software should improve your overall process instead of just converting your paper records to digital ones. It needs to be versatile, capable of adapting to your management needs and preferences. It needs to be simple, striking a balance between utility and sufficient complexity to get the job done. Lastly, it needs to be cost-effective.

By integrating iAuditor by SafetyCulture into your property management process, you can get rid of paper forms altogether and be spared from storage and manual filing dilemmas. Upgrade your property management process and maximize the potential of your operation today.

iAuditor Property Management Software Features

  • Instantly generate reports after each inspection

    Manually compiling your data into a comprehensible report is time-consuming and, frankly, just not fun. With iAuditor, you can immediately generate a digital report upon completion of each inspection—minus the extra work.

  • Fully customizable smart forms to fit your business needs and preferences

    iAuditor’s property management software gives you access to our easy-to-use template builder. This tool lets you convert your existing paper forms into our digital format and create smart, mobile-friendly inspection forms from scratch in a matter of minutes.

  • Schedule inspections and assign duties to personnel

    Inspections are only effective if they are done regularly and on time. iAuditor’s property management app allows property managers to set the time, date, and frequency of each inspection along with an assignee to ensure that inspections are performed and completed on time. The assignee will receive notifications for scheduled inspections via the app and email, and property managers will be updated when an inspection is completed or past due.

  • Identify and address issues faster through powerful analytics

    All of the data gathered from inspections are pushed to an online, browser-based platform where you can access the powerful analytics feature. Gain access to key metrics and view performance reports filtered by time, location, department, workers, templates, and more. This helps property managers gain insight into business performance and identify problems that require immediate attention.

  • Integrate your property management app with business software systems

    You can easily integrate iAuditor with other Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Sheets to visualize your data and further refine your workflow if needed.

  • World-class customer service

    We provide top-of-the-line 24/5 support for any questions and concerns regarding iAuditor and how it can further improve your business processes.

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