The 10 Best Property Management Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a holistic app for streamlining day-to-day property management duties. Landlords and property managers can use this software to track their property’s condition on a mobile device, proactively spot and communicate issues, and keep up with repairs and maintenance. Efficiently maintain your assets and improve tenant experience with this versatile platform.


Why Use AppFolio?

AppFolio is a property management software for landlords handling more than 50 property units. Owners with large portfolios can enjoy advanced features to help them control all types of units. This platform combines streamlining and smart automation capabilities in one place to support residential and commercial real estate landlords in performing their jobs.


  • Online portal for residents and landlords
  • Tenant and owner management
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Virtual marketing and leasing tools
  • Maintenance tracking capabilities

Why Use Innago?

Innago is a free property management software suitable for landlords handling small and midsize properties. This cloud-based platform offers tools to efficiently market their properties, screen potential tenants, and collect rental fees. Managers can also create applications and sign leases online using this free tool.


  • Tenant screening and management
  • Online rental payments
  • Digital signatures for leasing agreements
  • Work order tracking
  • Communication and messaging
  • Custom invoice and late fees automation
  • Phone and email support

Why Use Avail?

Avail is a property management app that helps independent landlords deliver professional services to prospective and current tenants. It allows them to advertise vacant properties, find renters, sign leases, and collect monthly rents on any device. By simplifying these administrative tasks, landlords can focus on enhancing their properties.


  • Rental listings
  • Tenant profiling and background checks
  • Digital leases
  • Online rent payments
  • Maintenance tracking

Why Use Buildium?

Buildium is a residential property management software assisting property managers in every aspect of their operations. This platform streamlines the lead-to-rent collection cycle with a comprehensive range of tools. It’s simple and easy to use and is available for desktop, Android, and iOS users.


  • Vacancy management
  • Basic tenant screening
  • Tenant and lease tracking
  • Automated rent and fee reminders
  • Dedicated online portal for tenants
  • Maintenance cycles
  • Online rent payments
  • General accounting

Why Use ResMan?

ResMan offers a comprehensive solution for managing multi-family apartments with more than 100 units. This web-based platform empowers property managers to operate using accounting, budgeting, analytics, and related tools. It also facilitates communication between managers and tenants through a specialized online portal.


  • Accounting solutions
  • Budgeting forecasts
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Real-time analytics board
  • Utilities and maintenance
  • Personalized marketing suite
  • Online portal for residents and staff

Why Use Condo Control?

Condo Control offers a suite of easy-to-use tools for managing condominium units, association properties, and related assets. Managers can use this property management software to handle bookings, security, concierge, and other aspects of their property. Optimize daily operations and connect with residents easily with this platform.


  • Amenity booking
  • Service requests
  • Concierge and security management
  • Recordkeeping tools
  • Online payments
  • Accounting and software integrations

Why Use Re-Leased?

Re-Leased is a cloud-based commercial property management software that transforms the way you do your tasks. Its intelligent automation design enables you to accomplish time-intensive tasks efficiently. This platform also comes with a calendar dashboard that lets you have total control using one screen. Enjoy the extensive capabilities of this application on your desktop and mobile device.


  • Smart calendar dashboard with action items
  • Portfolio management
  • Tenant communication
  • Lease management
  • Compliance management
  • Accounting
  • Document storage

Why Use Lodgix?

Lodgix is a web-based property management software for vacation rental owners and managers. It offers an extensive array of tools for guest management, online booking, accounting, and more. Manage work orders, bookings, and digital signatures with the platform’s owner portal.


  • Automated SMS and email communications
  • Extensive channel manager
  • Online booking
  • Dynamic document creation
  • Integrations with external websites for listing ads
  • Owner portal
  • Damage protection

Why Use Easy Storage Solutions?

Easy Storage Solutions is a property management software that accommodates small to medium-sized self-storage facilities. It allows tenants to pay bills, rent units, and sign lease agreements in an online space. Then, ensure payments come on time with automated text and email reminders.


  • Custom website for managing online rentals
  • Recurring billing capabilities
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Multiple facility login
  • Financial and accounting reports
  • Integrated services
  • Automatic invoicing

What is a Property Management Software?

Property management software is a digital tool that supports property managers and landlords in performing their daily duties. It helps them maintain, monitor, and operate their real estate properties—from rent collection to maintenance and repairs. A property management app caters to residential, commercial, and industrial spaces of all sizes. Through effective property management, landlords can increase the value of their assets and keep their tenants safe.

Why Use a Property Management Software?

Property management app solutions help landlords and property owners accomplish their tasks more efficiently. Moreover, an efficient property management system also provides the following benefits:

Simplified Day-to-Day Operations

Tasks such as service requests and payment reminders often take up a lot of time when done manually. But with property management software, landlords can automate their workflow processes in a more streamlined fashion. This practice reduces manual workloads for property managers and their staff, allowing them to focus on more substantial tasks.

Time- and Cost-Effectiveness

Digitizing manual tasks enables property managers to save time, costs, and resources. For example, a property management software presents an exciting alternative to door-to-door rent collection. It allows landlords to collect fees and send invoices electronically. Doing so ensures that they receive payments accurately and on time. Managers no longer need to knock on their tenants’ doors to follow up, for the platform does the work for them.

Improved Tenant Services

A property management app also includes features that let managers screen, select, and manage their residents. The platform keeps track of contact, lease, rent, and other relevant details. It also enables them to relay important messages to tenants on any device. With this software, landlords can seamlessly manage their tenants from prospect to move out.

Efficient Property Maintenance

Aside from collecting rent and handling tenants, property managers also need to keep their properties in good working condition. This task becomes more streamlined with the help of property management software for landlords. Through this platform, managers can receive, assign, and track maintenance jobs in one place. This allows maintenance teams to accomplish tasks on time and resolve issues as early as possible.

How to Choose the Right Property Management System

Landlords and property managers require robust tools to stay connected with their residents and maximize the value of their assets. A property management app keeps them on top of the game to reach their goals. With the variety of applications available in the market, it can be challenging to find the one that caters to their round-the-clock needs.

Aside from the app features, it’s also essential to consider the following characteristics when deciding on a property management system:

  • Price
  • Property type: residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed
  • Portfolio size: small, medium, or large
  • Deployment: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)

To help narrow down your search, the table below compares the best property management apps by their specialties, pricing lists, and deployment.

App/Software Best For Free Version Lowest Paid Plan Monthly Price Free Trial Web Mobile
SafetyCulture All portfolio sizes and types Yes $19 Yes, 30 days Yes Yes
AppFolio Large property portfolios None $1.40 N/A Yes Yes
Innago Small to midsize properties Yes N/A None Yes Yes
Avail Small property portfolios Yes $5 None Yes Yes
Buildium Residential properties None $50 Yes, 14 days Yes Yes
ResMan Multi-family apartments None N/A None Yes None
Condo Central Condominium units None N/A None Yes Yes
Re-Leased Commercial properties None Custom pricing None Yes Yes
Lodgix Vacation rental properties None $69.99 Yes, 30 days Yes None
Easy Storage Solutions Self-storage facilities None $70 Yes Yes Yes
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