Property management using one mobile app.

iAuditor as Property Management Software

Make Property Management easy

Property management software are digital tools (such as apps) designed to help property managers perform their duties, including maintenance, monitoring, and operation of real estate property. This software can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial properties being rented or leased to civilians, businesses, or factories. Good property management raises the value of the asset and keeps tenants safe and satisfied.

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Perform property inspections using your mobile device

No more walking around with a pen and paper during property inspections. Using the iAuditor property management app, you can complete inspections on your mobile device with just one hand. Once finished, you can instantly generate reports and share them with clients or other relevant personnel. Enjoy the luxury of automatic reporting and hassle-free data storage with iAuditor.

Conduct inspections offline or online; data is synced to the cloud

You don’t even need to be connected to the internet during inspections. The iAuditor property management app lets you perform inspections offline for maximum efficiency. Inspection data are synced and saved securely to the cloud once you connect to the internet, ensuring privacy and easy recovery.

Capture photos and make annotations of identified issues

iAuditor integrates your mobile devices’ camera to the property management app so you can snap photos of issues and notable items and annotate them for more extensive reporting. Additionally, you can assign action items to appropriate personnel through the app so problems are rectified right away.

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Improve Your Property Management Process

A good property management app should improve your overall process instead of just converting your paper records to digital ones. It needs to be versatile, capable of adapting to your management needs and preferences. It needs to be simple, striking a balance between utility and sufficient complexity to get the job done. Lastly, it needs to be cost-effective.

By integrating iAuditor, the world’s #1 mobile inspection app, into your property management process, you can get rid of paper forms altogether and be spared from storage and manual filing tasks. Upgrade your property management process with iAuditor and maximize the potential of your operation.

iAuditor Property Management Software Features

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