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What is a Work Order Template?

A work order template or work order form is a formal documentation of a job or task request that clearly describes the details of the work to be performed. Proper documentation of work order forms, or a work order sheet, helps track progress of work, schedule and allocate resources needed for maintenance, and avoid disputes.


Work orders are necessary for many jobs, such as maintenance and construction, as without them, certain tasks cannot commence. They are issued regularly for different needs, and are often only valid for a specific period of time to ensure worker safety and keep all workers informed of the processes and risks associated with the tasks at hand. However, it can be tiresome to repeatedly create work orders, hence the need for a work order template.

By templating your work order form, you can save time on issuing, creating, and sorting work orders, as a template standardizes all fields and formats. This helps ensure consistency in communication, reduce chances for misunderstandings and wrong practices, and lessen possibilities for injuries and incidents.

What to Include in a Work Order Template

Work order templates have varying components depending on their purpose. To avoid discrepancies and project delays, however, there are certain components that should not be overlooked. Listed below is a sample work order format with the 6 essential components of a work order form:

Description of work requested

Work order templates should have a clear description of how to deliver the required task. To avoid discrepancies and rework, it should include the exact service required, specific parts or materials needed, and/or desired end result.

Name of individual/department to accomplish requested work

Persons or departments authorized by the client to perform the required work are listed here. Depending on the gravity and extent of the task, this could vary from one person, a group of persons, or a whole department. All persons/departments listed here must be agreed upon before any work is done.

Customer details and availability

The client’s full name, contact details, and schedule of availability are provided in the work order form so that the assigned technician/person doing the work can communicate concerns with or request additional information from the client if necessary.

Cost of work and required materials

Prices of materials and services must be included in the work order form to properly set expectations for both parties. Most work order forms also include a breakdown of costs such as taxes, subtotal amount, and total amount.

Timeline and schedule

Timelines need to be agreed upon at the onset by the client and the person/department performing the work to manage both their expectations and allow for budget allotment. Work that takes too much time or misses the deadline can mean going over budget. A timeline helps both parties keep track of labor hours spent and manage costs.

Authorized signature

Signatures from authorized signatories act as stamps of approval and empower assigned persons or departments to perform the required work. A signed work order form indicates an agreement between the client and the assigned person/department regarding the details indicated in the form.

Sample Form

Here is a work order form template in use for reference:

Common Use Cases

In addition to maintenance and construction work, work order templates are most commonly used for tasks related to the following:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Electrical work
  • General inspections

FAQs about Work Order Templates and Forms

A work order template is often prepared by a dedicated safety officer, a department manager, or a maintenance officer. It can also be prepared by the employer, depending on how an organization operates.

A work order can be used for any kind of task that needs to be done within an organization. On the other hand, a purchase order acts as the official receipt or confirmation of an order.

To effectively manage work orders, it would be best to utilize a digital solution. Going digital ensures all files are centralized and easily accessible at all times, thus creating a smooth work flow for all.

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