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What is a Cleaning Schedule Template?

A cleaning schedule template is a tool used to help ensure that cleaning jobs are done properly and completed on time. Used in different establishments such as commercial spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, and even in private homes, cleaning schedule templates help the cleaning staff keep track of all chores and keep cleaning jobs organized.

How to Enforce an Effective Cleaning Schedule

Whether it’s in a shop or in a private residence, cleaning services entail numerous tasks to be done following a specific routine. Make sure that all cleaning jobs and specific tasks are completed by implementing a cleaning schedule. Here are 3 ways that can help you effectively enforce a cleaning schedule:

Organize and distribute tasks

List down all tasks and arrange it by frequency. Breaking down tasks can help cleaning staff determine which cleaning procedures to prioritize. Distribute your tasks into a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Create a cleaning calendar

A cleaning calendar contains information on cleaning job appointments and the employees assigned. This can help managers keep track of employees’ availability before booking cleaning work.

Quality-check services

Conduct a quality inspection after performing a cleaning service to ensure that tasks are accomplished and that conditions/requests made by the customer have been met. Quality checks can help protect your business from liability for problems found after service has been completed.

iAuditor Cleaning Schedule Templates

iAuditor by SafetyCulture can be used to streamline scheduled cleaning tasks and cleaning inspections. Use iAuditor to effectively implement cleanliness SOPs in establishments and accomplish the following:

  • Capture photo evidence – Take pictures, annotate, and attach them to your checklist for a more comprehensive report.
  • Assign corrective measures – Encountered an issue? Create a corrective action within the app and instantly assign it to a respective person, set the due date, and determine the priority level.
  • Schedule regular inspections – Never miss out on inspections and know when assigned tasks are completed using iAuditor’s scheduling feature. Use iAuditor to set up recurring and regular inspections on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. iAuditor also gives you the option to print your cleaning schedule templates.
  • Generate on-site reports – Complete inspections by following a cleaning checklist template and generate cleaning reports.


Katrina Watson

SafetyCulture staff writer