Top 12 Cleaning Checklists

Digital Cleaning checklists are efficient tools used to ensure that all areas of the workplace, business establishment, school, hotel, or restaurant are clean, standardized, and hygienic. Use these checklists to help increase employee productivity, improve health, and maintain a safe environment. Perform self-assessments or evaluate your employees using these checklists to help maintain the quality and consistency of cleanliness, whether you are cleaning on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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1. Cleaning Checklist Template

Use this General Cleaning Checklist when conducting regular inspections at your workplace. Begin the inspection by evaluating employees if they are wearing their proper uniforms and practice good personal hygiene. Then proceed with assessing different areas of the establishment like the reception, smoking area, and public restrooms to check if they’re clean, organized, sanitized, and presentable. Conclude your inspection by providing recommendations and overall rating. Use iAuditor to generate on-site reports and capture photo evidence of disheveled areas.

2. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

This Bathroom Cleaning Checklist converted using iAuditor aims to guide you on proper bathroom cleaning procedures. This checklist can be used by managers or shift supervisors to check if standard cleaning procedures were being followed. This checklist covers things to remove, items to spray and scrub, fixtures to wipe, and items to shine. Use iAuditor to conduct digital inspections and generate on-site reports.

3. Cleaning Schedule Template

This Cleaning Schedule Template focuses on bathroom and kitchen cleaning. It allows you to choose the cleaning schedule may it be daily, weekly, or monthly. Use this template to inspect if general cleaning and sanitation are performed thoroughly.

4. Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Use this Kitchen Cleaning Checklist to thoroughly inspect different kitchen areas on a daily basis. This checklist will help to evaluate if kitchen procedures on cleanliness and orderliness were implemented, followed, and maintained. Use iAuditor’s scoring feature to have an insight into how your audits are performing over time.

5. Office Cleaning Checklist

This Office Cleaning Checklist can help you inspect if all horizontal surfaces including desktops, files, windows, chairs, tables, and all manner of furnishings are thoroughly dusted and organized. This checklist also covers restrooms and checks if toilets and urinals are cleaned and sanitized inside and out. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence and generate efficient reports even while on site.

6. Restaurant Cleaning Checklists

Browse this collection of free Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning Checklists created using iAuditor. These checklists aim not only to maintain a clean kitchen but also ensure that proper cleaning procedures are followed in all corners of the restaurant. These templates cover regular checks, cleaning, and spot checks. Capture photos of unsanitary practices that may affect the workers, food processes, and customers. Download these checklists and modify them according to your business needs.

7. Hotel Cleaning Checklist

Use this Hotel Cleaning Checklist to help evaluate the hotel guest rooms and check if all facilities are clean, organized, and in good working condition. This checklist includes inspection of entrance door, drapes, beds, furnishings, lighting, and bathroom to check if they’re free of dust and dirt. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence of damaged items and assign corrective action to appropriate team members.

8. School Cleaning Checklist

This School Cleaning Checklist serves as a guide to inspect if different school areas like offices, hallways, classrooms, and bathrooms are properly cleaned and maintained. This checklist can be used to evaluate if desks, chairs, and all visible surfaces are dusted and clean. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence of dirty fixtures and facilities and assign corrective actions to the right person.

9. Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

This Warehouse Cleaning Checklist can help eliminate waste from warehouse production and keep your warehouse clean and organized. Use this checklist to inspect if floors, loading docks, and storage areas are free from obstructions or blockages. Use iAuditor to generate on-site reports and assign corrective actions for other team members to address.

10. Workplace Housekeeping Checklists

Browse this collection of Workplace Housekeeping Checklists to help ensure an organized, hygienic, and safe workplace for all employees. These checklists can help evaluate if storage, sanitation, and waste disposal processes are being followed accordingly. Use iAuditor to conduct a digital inspection and generate onsite reports.

11. 5S Audit Checklists

Use this collection of 5S Audit Checklists to help organize and maintain a clean, efficient, and effective workplace for all employees. These checklists apply the 5S principles (sort out, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain) that can help identify the unnecessary items at your workplace. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence of defective items and schedule regular inspections.

12. Pest Control Checklist

This Pest Control Checklist can help prevent and control pest infestation. Conduct inspections using this checklist to evaluate if your facilities are properly managed and if there are signs or evidence that pests are nesting. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence and and assign immediate corrective actions to the right person or team.

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