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6 of the Best Restaurant Cleaning Checklists

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What is a Restaurant Cleaning Checklist?

A restaurant cleaning checklist is a tool used to maintain a hygienic and organized restaurant facility. It helps to identify defects and damages that need to rectify immediately. Restaurant supervisors use restaurant cleaning checklist to ensure all areas are safe, the ambiance is great, the facilities are operational, and staff are implementing food safety procedures. Unable to perform restaurant cleaning inspections can cause unsanitary business that may lead to regulatory fines and worse business closure.

Restaurant Cleaning Crucial Areas

Restaurant businesses aim to promote a clean and hygienic environment to keep high-quality services. Maintaining cleanliness to the following areas help ensure the health and safety of employees and patrons.

Kitchen – is the most significant area of a restaurant where food is handled, prepared and processed. Keeping it clean and sanitized helps to avoid food contamination, health risks incidents, and insect invaders.

Storage – is where raw materials or manufactured goods are kept. Maintaining it clean and organized helps to track food stores to avoid spoilage and over stock.

Dining – is one of the factors to consider in providing high level customer service. Clean, safe, and secure environment promotes the overall appearance of the restaurant and decreases unsatisfied customers.

Restroom – is an added factor to restaurant ambiance. Sanitizing it frequently prevents cross-contamination from employees to food products and eating utensils.

Effective Restaurant Cleaning Schedule with iAuditor

iAuditor is the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can be used when performing inspections or cross-checks across both kitchens and other areas of your restaurant. Set up daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedule inspections for your team and save and analyze all reports in the cloud.

To get you started we have collated the best digital restaurant cleaning checklists you can use. Download these free templates using iAuditor and conduct your restaurant checks on your mobile phone or tablet.


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