5 Essential Restaurant Checklists

Restaurant checklists are great training and operating tools to help achieve a consistent baseline of performance and can help quickly identify issues that may impact business. Restaurant checklists can help improve operations, training, cleanliness, food safety, and customer satisfaction standards.

Find the right restaurant checklist across topics including restaurant procedures, kitchen cleaning, food hygiene inspection, management site visit, customer satisfaction surveys and more. Download for free using iAuditor - the world’s #1 checklist app. Start with one of these templates or create your own - take photos, notes, generate reports, actions, schedule audits and much more.

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1. Restaurant Opening Checklist

Restaurant Opening Checklists can be used daily by the store manager or shift supervisor before commencement of operations. Evaluate all restaurant equipment and materials like tables, chairs, glasswares, air conditioners, curtains, walls, telephones, etc. Gather and brief your staff regarding the operational responsibilities. Find more restaurant procedures checklists here.

2. Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning Checklists can help to maintain a clean and sanitized restaurant. Conduct your inspections using this checklist to evaluate if employees wear hygienic clothing and if food is properly handled. Check if kitchen facilities are cleaned and sanitized properly after use, and waste materials are segregated and properly disposed of. End your inspection by providing your recommendations and overall assessment. Find more restaurant cleaning checklists here.

3. Restaurant Audit Checklist

Restaurant Audit Checklists are used by managers or quality inspectors to conduct site audits of all areas of the restaurant. Use this checklist to help you check the arrangement of dining chairs and tables, faulty electrical machines, dirty floors and aisles, etc. This checklist also covers assessment of workers’ execution of safe practices. Find more restaurant audit inspection checklists here including management restaurant visits and food hygiene inspections.

4. Restaurant Food Safety Checklist

Restaurant Food Safety Checklists are used to ensure all staff, equipment and storage facilities are handling food in a hygienic and safe manner. This comprehensive template includes checks for personal hygiene across staff, food preparation methods, refrigerator and food storage standards, utensils and work surfaces, dishwashing, garbage storage and pest control. The auditor should include detailed comments on areas which need to be rectified immediately as well as commendations on best practices followed. Find more food safety checklists here.

5. Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey

This Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey template captures customer feedback of the restaurant premise, ambience, service staff, food quality, and overall customer experience. This digital survey template can be used on a tablet device on a kiosk stand inside your restaurant establishment. Alternatively it can be used by staff to enter feedback from paper forms and stored securely in the cloud. Find more customer satisfaction survey templates here.

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