Essential Checklists for
Food Service and Restaurants

Maintain and raise standards in your restaurant, kitchen, cafe or food service business with this collection of best practice checklist templates for iAuditor.

Food Service and Restaurants

Daily Food Safety & Hygiene Checklist

Use this template to conduct daily kitchen food safety inspections. This inspection helps maintain standards across your operation.

Food Service and Restaurants

Daily Temperature Log for Food & Restaurants

Use this quick checklist to record daily temperatures of hot food, cold food, fridges and freezers. This inspection allows food service outlets to quickly log temperatures.

Food Service and Restaurants

Daily Kitchen Open & Close Checklist

This inspection can be used twice a day for open and close checks, shut-down and cleaning. This checklist can be used across kitchens, equipment and front-of-house.

Food Service and Restaurants

Weekly Food Service Quality Control Check

Improve food safety and quality by using this quality assurance checklist template in your cafe, restaurant or hotel.

Food Service and Restaurants

Management Restaurant Visit

Managers and supervisors can use this restaurant visit checklist weekly to ensure high standards are maintained. This check ensures food safety and high levels of professionalism in managing food service business inspections.

Complete inspections from anywhere with iAuditor

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