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A restaurant inspection app is a digital tool used by restaurant managers to ensure that their restaurant’s food safety, hygiene, and quality are up to standard. It is also used to determine if the restaurant’s cleanliness and aesthetics comply with legal and organizational standards. iAuditor’s versatile restaurant inspection app can help you maximize your restaurant’s potential with custom smartforms, pre-made inspection templates, powerful data analytics, and fast reporting. Go paperless and maximize your restaurant’s efficiency with iAuditor today.

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Convert, create, and customize restaurant inspection templates in minutes

The iAuditor restaurant inspection mobile app can convert your existing paper checklists to digital format via smart scan. You can also download ready-to-use food safety, kitchen SOP, restaurant cleanliness, and more templates from our public library so you can jump right into your first digital inspection. Easily create and customize your own inspection templates to suit your business needs using our simple, drag-and-drop template builder. Eliminate paper storage and organization issues with unlimited cloud storage so you never have to worry about losing your data again.

Perform inspections anytime, anywhere with your mobile device—even while offline

Once your restaurant inspection template is set-up, you can quickly perform inspections with your phone or tablet even while offline. The data automatically syncs to the cloud the next time you connect to the internet to make sure no inspection is unaccounted for. With iAuditor as your restaurant inspection app, you can standardize your inspection process, identify failed areas, assign corrective actions, and send detailed reports to the appropriate personnel, all within a single mobile app!

Gather data faster and turn them into actionable insights to improve your operations

Manually compiling data from a bunch of paper forms is time-consuming and problematic. In addition, having to make sense of the collected data requires even more work. Through iAuditor’s web app, you can access the powerful Analytics feature which gives you quick, detailed insights on your restaurant’s performance. With the use of data filters, you can pinpoint information by time, location, department, employees, templates, and more in just a few seconds. iAuditor helps you identify issues quickly so you can address them immediately.

iAuditor Restaurant Inspection App Features

Level up your inspection workflow through automation

Assign and schedule routine and ad hoc inspections to staff to make sure no essential assessments are missed. iAuditor will notify staff of upcoming assignments, and managers of completed and overdue inspections so safety and quality standards are always complied with.

Instantly generate detailed reports in a variety of formats

With iAuditor, a digital report can be downloaded immediately after you complete an inspection. Inspection reports can also be generated in different formats including PDF, Word, CSV, and XML.

Share inspection data across restaurant branches and get an overview of your performance

All of the inspection data gathered across restaurant branches are pushed to iAuditor’s web app. Use the Analytics feature to quickly get an insight regarding your company’s food safety and hygiene, restaurant cleanliness, and compliance with organizational and legal standards to ensure that your brand provides excellent service and maintains a stellar reputation.

Integrate your restaurant inspection app with business intelligence tools.

Integrate iAuditor with other Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Sheets to visualize your data and further refine your workflow as necessary.

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