Food Safety Checklists

Food safety inspection checklists can help you examine your food safety and hygiene practices and determine areas for improvement. These checklists can help in the prevention of food contamination and aid in the inspection of cleanliness of your facility. We feature Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) checklists to asses if food production processes and procedures are aligned with industry standards.

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1. General Food Safety Checklist

This General Food Safety Checklist can help you ensure food is properly prepared and protected from contamination. Moreover, check if freezer, storage areas, utensils, and equipment are properly maintained and in good working condition. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidence of any damaged areas and assign corrective actions to appropriate team members or vendors.

2. Food Hygiene Inspection Checklist

This Food Hygiene Inspection Checklist evaluates if employees maintain a good personal hygiene and follow proper food preparation, handling, and storage. This also checks if high-risk food are date coded, properly labeled, and stocks are rotated. Generate a comprehensive on-site report using iAuditor the world’s powerful mobile inspection app.

3. Food Safety Inspection Checklist Template

Use this Food Safety Inspection Checklist Template to ensure storage practices and proper waste disposal are implemented. Perform your inspection using iAuditor to check if food is properly handled, stored, and displayed in such a way that cross-contamination is avoided. Use iAuditor’s scheduling feature to set-up scheduled audits and never miss an inspection again.

4. GMP Food Manufacturing Checklist

Use GMP Food Manufacturing Checklist to evaluate if personnel follow standard regulated procedures when handling raw products or when processing and packing food items. Check if facilities and equipment are proper maintained. Use iAuditor’s scoring feature to track overall audit score performance and generate on the spot report even while on site.

5. HACCP Checklist

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Checklists are used to ensure proper food processing techniques are in place to reduce hazards in the food manufacturing industry. Use iAuditor to record data and generate a comprehensive report even while on site. Browse this collection of HACCP Templates and download any of the customizable templates for free.

8 of the best Food Safety Inspection Checklists

We feature 8 of the best Food Safety Inspection Checklists used by our clients and other popular food companies across the globe. Use these templates whether you are starting a new restaurant or looking to improve food safety. Click on any of these templates and download for free!

  1. The Star's Food Safety & HACCP Audit
  2. Burger King Walk Thru Checklist
  3. Iron Hill Brewery Quarterly Safety Inspection Checklist
  4. CFA Food Safety Audit
  5. Jack in the Box Food Safety Audit
  6. Food Hygiene Solutions Ltd - Food Premises Checklist
  7. BP Operational Food Safety Check
  8. Food Safety Review Checklist

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