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A food safety checklist is used to evaluate compliance of a food establishment with food safety and good hygiene practices. It can help ensure that activities involving food are done according to set standards. Following food safety practices reduces the likelihood of foodborne illnesses and helps businesses prevent legal and regulatory problems.

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food safety app
food safety app

To help you get started we have listed down the 5 best food safety checklists you can download and customize for free.

Top 5 Kitchen Cleaning Checklists

1. General Food Safety Checklist

A general food safety checklist is used to ensure that food is properly stored, handled, and prepared. Use this checklist to monitor if employees follow food safety procedures and reduce risk of fines, litigation, and business shut-down. Use this checklist to:

  1. Inspect and evaluate staff’s personal hygiene, food handling and storage processes, and proper waste disposal
  2. Take photos of compliant and non-compliant items
  3. Assign corrective actions to identified issues during inspection
  4. Add comments and recommendations
  5. Sign off with a digital signature from the inspector

2. Food Hygiene Inspection Checklist

A food hygiene inspection checklist evaluates if employees maintain good personal hygiene and follow proper food preparation, handling, and storage. Use this checklist to check if high-risk food are date coded, properly labeled, and stocks are rotated

3. Food Safety Inspection Checklist Template

A food safety inspection checklist ensures that all kitchen activities are done according to standards. Use it to check if proper food storage and waste disposal is done to avoid cross-contamination and other food hazards that can harm customers and your employees.

4. Restaurant Food Safety Checklist

A restaurant food safety checklist is used to assess if proper food preparation and safe working practices are done by staff. Use this checklist to ensure that all areas in the facility such as restrooms, dining areas, cooking areas, exterior areas, are kept clean and monitor if found hazards from the previous inspection have been corrected.

5. GMP Food Manufacturing Checklist

Use GMP Food Manufacturing Checklist to evaluate if personnel follow standard regulated procedures when handling raw products or when processing and packing food items. Check if facilities and equipment are properly maintained. Use iAuditor’s scoring feature to track overall audit score performance and generate on the spot report even while on site.

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