Modernize processes with a food safety app to prepare for food certification audits

iAuditor as Food Safety Software

Manage All Your Certification Audits in One Place with a Food Safety System

Many of the world’s leading food chain operators conduct regular, stringent food safety audits to strengthen their compliance to international food safety standards, such as HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 2000, and FSMA. A Food Safety App provides you a powerful mobile solution that provides an overview of your food safety measures and ensures every action is well documented.
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Comprehensive data in a mobile app

Gather comprehensive data with a food safety system

With the iAuditor food safety app, you’ll never have to experience the hassle of handwritten audits again. All you need is a mobile device, and you can capture critical food safety information, even in sites where there’s no internet connection. Build digital checklists that allow your auditors to produce CEO-ready reports—complete with photo evidence, notes, and corrective action details.

From paper forms to cloud storage

Use secure cloud storage for your food safety audit documentation

You won’t have to worry again about losing records and having to retrieve them during certification audits. Your future audit documents will be immediately saved in iAuditor’s cloud. Food manufacturers, suppliers, and service firms can easily access old audits and present them to HACCP or FSSC 2000 auditors with ease.

Temperature sensors

Maintain high food quality by connecting your food safety software to a temperature sensor

Improve accuracy in your temperature readings. Receive immediate notifications when food temperature falls outside the safe range. By maximizing the power of iAuditor’s temperature sensor, you can take action before an issue affects your customers.

Food Safety Software to Help Modernize Compliance

With a food safety app, you can say goodbye to the old days of diving through piles of paperwork when presenting documentation evidence to food safety auditors. iAuditor by SafetyCulture, a food safety software solution helps eliminate paper-driven audit processes and modernize the food safety compliance program.

To ensure that food is safe, hygienic, and of adequate quality, many of the world’s leading food chain operators and industries strive to earn food safety certifications (e.g. HACCPISO 22000FSSC 22000GMPFSMABRC, and SQF) through regular, stringent third-party food certification audits. Regular audits ensure an organization’s compliance with international food standards and regulations.

For consumers, food safety certificates prove that businesses adhere to the laws and best practices that protect them from food-borne illnesses and other adverse health effects. For businesses on the other hand, certifications protect them from potential financial losses, lawsuits, and closure.

Internal food safety audit programs help food manufacturers, suppliers, and service firms prepare the necessary documentation evidence for certification audits; however, many audit programs are still paper-driven. This method makes it arduous for food safety auditors and businesses for a number of reasons, namely:

  • It takes longer to generate reports.
  • It provides little insight into areas of improvement.
  • It leads to tons of paperwork and potential storage issues.
  • It prevents actionable data from being analyzed immediately.

With a food safety compliance software, businesses can do away with paper checklists and modernize their compliance programs. A food safety app like iAuditor can be the “sixth sense” that empowers safety inspectors to monitor, predict, and analyze what’s happening in their operations with a system that makes internal compliance functions more efficient, sustainable, and productive.

Modernize Food Safety Compliance Programs With iAuditor

From paper forms to a smart food safety app

The iAuditor food safety software and hazard analysis features a simple drag-and-drop template builder that enables businesses to convert their existing paper forms into digital. Here are some of its key features:

  • Take pictures and annotate them
    Capture photos using your device’s camera and quickly attach images to an inspection.
  • Use scoring to quantify activities
    Use iAuditor scoring to quantify and compare performance areas and see how ready your business is for an upcoming food safety certification audit.
  • Fill-out text fields with a built-in barcode scanner
    Food safety auditors can save time on manual data entry by scanning product barcodes using their mobile device’s camera, which will then populate the checklist field with the corresponding information.
  • Add references
    Attach reference information to help guide users in completing fields. Either reference plain text, an image, or a link to an external website.
  • Sign off with digital signatures
    Sign off food safety audits with a digital signature and ensure accountability. Can also be used to ensure enough food supply.
  • Timestamp audits
    Prevent human error by automatically capturing the exact time of inspections with iAuditor’s time-stamp function.
  • Food processing

From binders to safe and secure cloud storage

Gone are the days when companies had to open up piles of binders and dig through printed checklists when presenting evidence during a HACCP or FSSC 22000 certification audit. The iAuditor food safety app comes with safe and secure cloud storage that businesses can use for all historical inspection records. They can now use an online platform to save up on physical storage costs and precious office space, while having easy access to data during food safety certification audits for traceability.

From multiple spreadsheets to a single, organized data analytics dashboard

iAuditor provides businesses with an easy-to-understand web platform that gives management teams quick access to essential operations data. Through visual charts and graphs that instantly summarize data from inspections by internal food safety inspectors, management can easily see critical findings and move while they are still actionable.

From manual notifications to a systematic, automated workflow

Using iAuditor as your food safety software takes out the guesswork from manual processes and helps streamline the internal food safety auditing process. By automating manual actions, such as scheduling of audits and notification of action items, businesses can save time and focus on producing safe and high-quality food products. Readily send auto-generated, comprehensive, CEO-ready reports right after an audit. iAuditor also provides an oversight of multiple food production sites through a centralized dashboard.

From manual temperature readings to automated entries via an IoT temperature sensor

Capturing accurate temperature data is critical when it comes to maintaining high food quality. Manual capture of temperature data is error-prone and only captures data from a single moment.

With iAuditor’s affordable temperature sensor, businesses can ensure accuracy in temperature readings. They can receive immediate notifications when food temperature falls outside the safe range. By maximizing the power of this temperature sensor, businesses can take action before an issue affects their brand’s reputation or, worse, a customer.

The iAuditor food safety software helps food-chain operators shift from a slow, paper-driven compliance program to a modernized system that equips them with accurate reports and data during food safety certification audits. Consequently, quicker inspections and easier compliance pave the way for an improved food safety culture.

iAuditor Food Safety Software Features

  • Develop an automated workflow for food safety audits

    Take out the guesswork from manual processes and streamline for your internal food safety audits. Automate actions, such as scheduling of audits and notification of action items, to save time and focus on producing safe and high-quality food products.

  • Conduct audits offline

    Perform audits on any Apple and Android mobile device even while offline. Data will auto-sync once connected to the internet. Save yourself from the hassle of compiling your audit data into a final report.

  • Instantly generate reports when you complete an audit

    With iAuditor, a digital report can be downloaded immediately after you complete an inspection. Inspection reports can also be generated in different formats including PDF, Word, CSV, and XML.

  • Have an oversight of multiple food production sites

    Using Sites for iAuditor, you can easily gather data from all food production sites and quickly see what's improving and what needs attention. You can also make audits easier for your team in the sites with smart suggestions.

  • Integrate your food safety app and software with other business systems

    Integrate iAuditor with other Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Sheets to visualize your data and further refine your workflow if needed.

  • Fill-out form fields with in-app barcode scanner

    Utilize iAuditor's barcode scanner to easily identify barcode-marked food items.

  • World-class customer service

    We’re here to help! We provide high-level 24/5 support for any questions and concerns regarding iAuditor.

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