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5 of the Best GMP Audit Checklists

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Audit Checklists are used to measure compliance with manufacturing standards and to reduce the risk of health and safety risks during the production and labelling of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical goods. Learn the GMP essentials.

Improve your GMP Audits by using a digital inspection tool like iAuditor. Replace your paper templates and spreadsheets with a digital template you can use on your mobile or tablet. Take photo evidence of non-compliance, automatically track scoring, generate reports during your GMP site walkthrough and sync all your reports and data in the cloud.

Get started by downloading this collection of 100% customizable digital GMP Audit Checklists based on FDA guidelines and best practice templates. iAuditor is the world’s #1 inspection app and is free to use.

1. General GMP Compliance Checklist

This General GMP Compliance Checklist can be used during regular site inspections to evaluate overall adherence to manufacturing protocols. The checklist is divided into 9 sections and applies scoring which will give you insight into how your audits are performing over time. The checklist also includes quality management processes for contamination, pest control, packaging, and labelling. Lastly, the checklist assesses if your workers receive adequate training to carry out their tasks. Conduct GMP audits with this checklist using iAuditor on your mobile or tablet, capture photo evidence of non-compliance and assign corrective action items for immediate resolution.

2. FDA GMP Cosmetics Audit Checklist

This digital GMP Cosmetics Checklist has been built using the iAuditor app and based on the FDA’s GMP Cosmetic Guidelines. Use this digital GMP checklist to assess your manufacturing compliance with FDA guidelines across aspects of building and facilities, equipment, personnel, raw materials, production, lab controls, record keeping, labelling and complaints. Use iAuditor to take notes and photo evidence of non-compliance. Automatically calculate your audit score based on the responses and generate a complete report without leaving your manufacturing facility. Save all your reports securely in the cloud.

3. GMP Food Manufacturing Audit

Food manufacturing requires efficient processes and workers to be trained on proper sanitary procedures when handling raw products or when processing and packing food items. This digital GMP Food Manufacturing Audit was based on 21 CFR Part 110 and can be used as a guide when conducting food manufacturing audits. Perform your food manufacturing audits with this template on the iAuditor mobile app. Securely save your completed reports in the cloud and track overall audit score performance.

4. GMP Site Walkthrough Checklist

Keeping all materials, equipment, and facilities clean and in good working condition can help determine hazards present in the working area. Conduct regular visual site inspections and check the overall safety of the manufacturing site using this GMP Site Walkthrough Checklist. Identify health and safety risks including the presence of mold, unsanitary working areas, improper use of PPE, and unlabelled chemicals. Use iAuditor to generate reports and assign actions to authorized personnel when hazards are detected.

5. Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Self-Inspection Checklist

Use this GDP self inspection checklist to assess compliance with EU Good Distribution Practice guidelines. Conduct an audit of your facilities, systems and practices. This template covers questions across the areas of quality systems, personnel, premises and equipment, documentation, supplier operations, complaints & recalls and transportation. Calculate overall GDP compliance score across sections, identify frequently failing items and take photos and notes of non-compliance.

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