ISO 22000 Audit Checklist

ISO 22000 Audit Checklists are useful tools to help prepare for, implement and assess Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). They can be used in the final stages of the internal audit and self-assessment process in preparation of external auditor certification.

Download from this free collection of digital ISO 22000 checklists converted into digital mobile checklists using iAuditor. These checklists can be used to help prepare for and identify gaps for achieving ISO 22000 certification. In addition we have included HACCP and GMP templates you can use as part of implementing your overall FSMS.

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Comprehensive ISO 22000 Internal Audit Checklist

This ISO 22000 internal audit checklist is a comprehensive internal audit template you can use to assess your Food Safety Management System (FSMS). It is composed of 5 key sections - Management responsibility and resources, Planning and realization of safe products, Validation, Verification, and Improvement of the FSMS. This checklist helps evaluate if the organization has implemented, established and maintained an effective FSMS. It also ensures control over outsourced processes that may affect end product conformity.

Preparation Checklist for ISO 22000 Audit

This general ISO 22000 preparation checklist can be used to identify any keys gaps prior to ISO 22000 certification audit. This checklist helps identify areas of improvement on processes and procedures and checks if customer’s product requirements were researched on, established, and implemented.

ISO 22000 Checklist

This ISO 22000 checklist is a succinct version of the comprehensive ISO 22000 internal audit checklist. Use it to assess if your company has a clear and well documented food safety manual and policy. This checklist helps evaluate if the workplace follows and maintains the established food safety management system. Conduct inspections using iAuditor to record data and document specifications, procedures, corrective actions, and product analysis which will help improve your company’s efficiency and food safety.

ISO 22000:2005 Compliance Audit

Use this ISO 22000:2005 compliance audit to conduct assessments of hygienic standards in all aspects of food handling procedures carried out in operations. Use iAuditor to ensure all relevant corrective actions are carried out and documented.

HACCP Templates

ISO 22000 incorporates the widely used and proven HACCP principles in food manufacturing. This collection of HACCP templates can help you to identify biological, chemical, or physical hazards and evaluate the Critical Control Points (CCP) in food handling and processing. Use iAuditor to document all significant information and generate reports while on site.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Food Audit Checklist

ISO 22000 requires effective prerequisite programs to ensure a sanitary working environment. This Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Food Audit Checklist can help improve your procedures when handling raw or processed products to avoid adulteration or contamination. This checklist also evaluates if facilities and equipment are properly maintained and sanitized, and all personnel were trained to practice good personal hygiene. Use iAuditor on your mobile device to take photo evidences to document non-adherence to sanitation and assign corrective actions to appropriate persons even while conducting audits.

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