The 10 Best Internal Audit Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

Based on data from a Forrester study, SafetyCulture internal audit software can help a company with 250 employees and 13 auditors save over half a million dollars within a 3-year period from operational, safety, and compliance improvements. Unlike other internal audit management software, SafetyCulture can be used not just for auditing, but for a variety of use cases as your go-to operations, safety, compliance, and audit platform. Use SafetyCulture for all aspects of your business, including conducting internal audits.


*Available on the Premium plan

Why Use SAP?

Simplify evidence recording, audit report creation, and electronic working papers management with SAP internal audit software. Improve audit issue resolution and reporting now using SAP.


  • Minimize internal auditing expenses
  • Visualize and manage global audit results
  • Automate required assurance tasks

Why Use TeamMate?

Facilitate issue remediation and report on audit status using TeamMate internal audit software. Distribute resources effectively and capture Travel and Expense (T&E) with TeamMate.


  • Organize audit workflows
  • Manage multiple audit teams
  • Identify potential anomalies

Why Use Pentana by Ideagen?

Remove paperwork and extra admin tasks from your workload with Pentana by Ideagen internal audit software, also known as Pentana Audit. Make audits more reliable using this software.


  • Increase the transparency of internal audits
  • Ensure that internal audits follow strategic objectives
  • Plan internal audits based on the level of risk

Why Use MetricStream?

MetricStream internal audit software is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you create an easier auditing process. Collaborate with other auditors using MetricStream.


  • Develop an agile audit system
  • Structure your audit universe
  • Track audit schedules efficiently

Why Use AuditBoard?

Build a comprehensive audit program while still maintaining overall efficiency using AuditBoard internal audit software. Prepare your business for the challenges of tomorrow with AuditBoard.


  • Gather evidence using automated workflows
  • Submit document requests to stakeholders
  • Get complete visibility on audit performance

Why Use Workiva?

Transform the way you do audit work with Workiva internal audit software. Streamline routine processes and deconstruct complex information into valuable insights using Workiva.


  • Extract exceptions from full populations
  • Identify trends across many data points
  • Strengthen the credibility of audit results

Why Use AuditBond?

Provide C-suite with real-time dashboards and simple reports using AuditBond internal audit software. Incorporate risk into your audit function and gain complete assurance with AuditBond.


  • Keep an updated analytics audit trail
  • Monitor issue remediation efforts
  • Document and reference previous audits

Why Use Onspring?

Track time spent per audit against allocated resources and examine in-progress findings with Onspring internal audit software. Eliminate micromanagement in auditing using Onspring.


  • Review audit information regularly
  • Send external and internal surveys
  • Drive accountability and collaboration

Why Use Netwrix?

Netwrix internal auditing software is specifically designed for Information Technology (IT) auditing. Categorize sensitive data, view access permissions, and investigate anomalies with Netwrix.


  • Determine high-priority data and infrastructure security gaps
  • Centralize audit trails across IT systems such as Active Directory
  • Respond to threats in a timely manner with triggered alerts

What is an Internal Audit Software?

An internal audit software is a digital tool used by in-house auditors and compliance officers in performing walkthrough inspections and data analysis. It helps to identify weak points, inefficiencies, and non-compliance in business operations to implement appropriate corrective actions. Choose from the top 10 internal audit software and find the right one for your organization based on features and free version availability.

5 Attributes of Internal Audit Excellence

Internal audits are done to assess a company’s internal controls, governance, and risk management system to ensure its effectiveness. An excellent internal auditing process needs to possess the following attributes in order to deliver results:

Business Alignment

Internal audit processes should have a clear understanding of the company’s strategic direction so it can clearly define the value it wants to deliver to an organization. This can be achieved by staying updated on the business’ goals, objectives, and decisions.

Risk Awareness

One of the major internal audit functions is to ensure regulatory and legal compliance. Excellent internal auditing invests time in performing dynamic risk assessments to pinpoint critical risk factors that can negatively affect business operations. Risk assessment methods should also be flexible and adapt to business changes to stay effective.

Resource Awareness

Internal audits should have a clear understanding of interdepartmental relations, and a good grasp of employee capability. This is achieved through one-on-one feedback sessions, surveys, and interviews. In doing so, managers and supervisors can work to provide additional training and support where necessary. Internal audits with effective communication protocols can help with business alignment efforts and overall risk awareness.


Considering the numerous aspects of a business operation, having only one internal auditing process is impractical and ineffective. Excellent internal audit software programs can be easily customized to adapt to a variety of needs; streamlining your entire internal audit process for maximum efficiency.

Internal Audit Software Advanced Technology

Excellent internal audits should be efficient, and utilizing the right technology can optimize internal audit processes for maximum returns. Good internal audit management system can automate what would normally be manual processes such as data storage and organization, as well as internal and external reporting to help companies stay cost-effective.

A good internal audit process is an invaluable asset since it helps businesses achieve and maintain optimal performance for maximum results and zero non-compliance. With SafetyCulture as your mobile audit software, you can take advantage of a versatile, easy-to-use platform to streamline your internal audits and get more done with less effort and time. Try SafetyCulture for free today.

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