Top 6 Construction Quality Control Software of 2024

Top 6 Construction Quality Control Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

Quality control is a vital component of a successful construction project. SafetyCulture, a top-rated mobile-first platform, can help ensure every workflow and outcome at every job site meets the goals managers have set and the industry standards. Thanks to its extensive capabilities, administrative and operational processes are streamlined, preventing deviations from the plan. All in all, utilizing the platform boosts productivity among workers, ensures timely project completion, and guarantees client satisfaction. 


  • Ensure standardized inspections and compliance with quality standards by creating quality-related templates from scratch or using existing inspection checklists from the Public Library. 
  • Prevent the use of substandard materials or nonconformances to the plan and ensure the structure’s integrity by reporting issues, pinpointing its location with the help of geo-tagging, and tracking the progress of their resolution. 
  • Complete tasks on time by providing workers with the information (e.g., asset details, comprehensive plans, related reports, etc.) available in a centralized document repository. 
  • Mitigate legal risks by equipping workers with adequate induction training and additional upskilling and ensuring their credentials are in order and secure in a centralized repository.  
  • Address all quality issues by sending alerts and notifications to specific personnel, contractors, or teams via Heads Up.

Why use Buildertrend?

A comprehensive construction management solution, Buildertrend offers real-time collaboration, document management, and inspection monitoring, ensuring projects are completed on schedule and on time. It is widely recognized for being easy to use and for streamlining quality control procedures.


  • Scheduling and Daily Logs 
  • Advanced Reporting with Document and Photo Storage
  • Messaging and Comments

Why use Fieldwire?

An all-in-one jobsite management platform made for construction teams, Fieldwire simplifies various tasks, ensuring high-quality outcomes. With numerous tools that enhance collaboration, this software solution enables every member—from the project manager to the foreman—to share vital information in real time for productivity and success. 


  • Real-Time Messaging 
  • Scheduling and Reports 
  • Tracker for Tasks, Punch Lists, and Inspections 

Why use BrickControl?

This cloud-based ERP system for the construction industry zooms in on quality control. On top of offering project management tools, BrickControl optimizes operations across the globe with the help of robust integrations that include multi-language and multi-currency functionalities. 


  • Progress Tracking App with Timesheets 
  • Deviation Analysis 
  • KPIs Visualization for Construction Works

Why use PlanRadar?

Used by over 120,000 teams in more than 70 countries, PlanRadar is a full-featured platform for construction, real estate, and facility management. With well-planned and built functionalities, this digital solution ensures that every single workflow of the entire building lifecycle is completed within the period designated, budget allocated, and quality aimed for. 


  • Plans and BIM Models with Defect Management 
  • Document Organization and Sharing 
  • Progress Reporting & Insights 

Why use Finalcad?

Finalcad speeds up on-site inspections through digital forms, enhances collaboration through mobile communication, and ensures the completion of defects processing. With this comprehensive construction solution, teams can improve the overall quality of their projects. 


  • Team and Materials Management 
  • Real-Time Information Sharing 
  • Project Standardization 

What is Construction Quality Control Software?

Construction quality control software is a highly specialized digital platform that streamlines related activities to ensure the quality of construction projects. These tasks include employee and contractor scheduling, resource planning, site and equipment inspections, and compliance with regulations, to name a few. With tools like digitized checklists, real-time monitoring, and communication apps, managers have better control over their environment and work to meet predefined quality standards.


Effectively planning, coordinating, and managing construction projects is a demanding endeavor. A software solution that digitizes documents and automates workflows ensures work is completed on time and within budget. Here are some specifics:

  • Streamlines Workflows – One of the most common tasks in this setting is inspection. With the help of automated task assignments, scheduling, communication tools, and digital checklists, routine inspections are conducted comprehensively, with ease, and with fewer mistakes.
  • Enhances Document Management – With the help of a centralized document repository, users can upload digital documents (e.g., inspections, audits, work credentials), allowing managers to review them on the spot. It also enables compliance supervisors to prepare compliance reports and then submit them to regulators on time.
  • Better Risk Management – An improperly positioned wire mesh in the floor slab may result in cracks or collapse in the future. With the help of real-time reporting tools, workers can send reports of deviations or other quality-related issues to their managers for prompt resolution.

Level 10, a California-based company, leverages one of the best safety and quality control software for construction groups. By integrating this digital platform into their daily processes, team members walk around the site with their mobile devices, get the information required, and send it back to the front office for recommendation or support.

Key Features

Many comprehensive construction management software or quality control platforms include quality control as a module. For those who do not need the other solutions offered and want this stand-alone application, here are the essentials to look for:

Choosing the Right Construction Quality Control Software

Project managers, quality control managers, site inspectors, and other team members responsible for ensuring compliance with quality standards will benefit from the digital solutions detailed above. Take another look at your possible options in the summary below:

Construction Quality Control Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Buildertrend No $199/month* Yes
Fieldwire Yes $39/user/month* Yes
BrickControl No $43.35/user/month* No
PlanRadar No $32/user/month* Yes
Finalcad Yes €29 (≈ $31)/user/month Yes

* billed annually

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