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Level 10 auditors used to have a hard time communicating safety issues between the field and the office. They struggled with a time lag in reporting issues or with lost paper forms. Now the team uses SafetyCulture platform on each job site because it’s flexible enough to set up custom, pre-task checklists such as a job hazard analysis for site inspections. They can also easily share them with the local contractor community for input to ensure they were comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate.

With SafetyCulture loaded on their mobile devices, superintendents and other key team members involved in safety initiatives could now stay in the field and walk around the site with their iPad, run through the checklists built in the platform and immediately get the information they needed without having to report back to the front office.

“You are going to get better quality out in the field if you run a clean, quality and safe job. That’s just the way we see it.”

Chris Wilcox
Senior Superintendent at Level 10

Once inspections are completed, a digital sign-off feature allows each member to have accountability for their task to meet Level 10 Construction’s safety and quality guidelines. With one click, their audit findings are distributed to key stakeholders. Safety managers were seeing reports in real-time with notes and pictures of items that need action or whether items were correct.

SafetyCulture platform facilitated Level 10 Construction’s safety and quality efforts by allowing them to communicate rapidly in one centralized program.

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